A To-do list (listing "So Many Things!")surrounded by fuzzy handcuffs, glasses, lipstick, and an alarm clock

Screw Cuffing, GET SH*T DONE By Val Elefante

It’s September 2019. I’m writing from New York so the leaves are starting to fall, the sun is setting earlier, and the crisp morning air seems to get just a tad crisper every day. For many, these signs of winter signify the start of “cuffing season,” the time to lock down that person with whom you are to cuddle, watch Netflix, and sip hot chocolate during the cold winter months–or something like that.

Maybe you already have that special someone, and if so, that’s great! But maybe you’re like me and for whatever reason—a recent breakup, a faraway lover, or perhaps you’ve decided that what you need right now is to be single—you are likely to remain uncuddled, uncuffed. In that case, don’t worry or stress. Here’s my advice to you. Use this cuffing season to GET. SH*T. DONE.

Here at ForPlay Films, we’ve already had a really big year! We continued to create the highest quality erotic films made by women, for women that you can find on the market. Our films made it on the big screens—and even won top awards—at Hump Film Festival, CineKink Festival in New York, and the Porn Film Festival in Vienna, Berlin, and London. We’ve attracted the attention of sexuality experts like Dan Savage, and are growing our connections with the Women of Sextech network.

Capturing female desire in its many forms is our expertise. But in order to continue to do what we’re good at, we need to continue to grow! That is why, before the end of the year comes around, we are hitting the ground running—creating content you’ll love, touring with festivals and distributing our videos, and expanding our partnerships and incredible support network. We are determined to bring you the best of the best.

If you are reading this and you’re already a fan and follower of ForPlay films, THANK YOU! We love you and appreciate all that you have done to support us in our endeavors so far. If you haven’t yet checked out our films—neither our erotica nor our Sexucation series—please do so and let us know what you think! We want to make videos that make YOU feel good.

And finally, if you are someone who does not watch porn—maybe because you haven’t felt comfortable watching it or you haven’t found something you’ve liked—but you are interested in giving it a try, check us out. Our mission is clear: “to empower the female viewer.”

So, finally, we invite you to dig deep and be honest with yourself about what you find sexy or sensual. Know that our site is a safe place to explore your desires. Make it a goal for yourself, that by the end of the year, you’ll take charge of your sexuality. Whatever you want, whatever you need, ForPlay films is with you this cuffing season. Don’t forget it.