About Forplay Films

ForPlay Films is an independent, all-woman production company on a mission to create erotic short films through a feminist gaze.
Our films are designed to turn women (inclusive of cis, trans, genderqueer) on at every level by bringing their pleasure and fantasies front and center.
ForPlay was created in 2017 by Inka Winter, an LA-based costume designer and lifelong artist. Winter spent her formative childhood years living in an artist’s commune in Austria, which on the surface preached free love but didn’t give women equal standing and the leader abused his power for his own sexual gratification.
After a difficult event in her early 30s led her to temporarily lose her desire for sex, Winter looked to porn in an effort to reignite her sex drive, but was turned-off by the objectifying and degrading images she found. Where was the porn that was sensual and sexy? That showed women enjoying sex, rather than existing solely for the man’s pleasure? When the search came up empty, she decided to make it herself, using the films she created to help herself and other women feel sexually empowered.

ForPlay Films started by filming real life couples performing scenes inspired by women’s deepest fantasie, showcasing a wide range of sexual acts and practice’s. Now ForPlay Films also includes professional adult performers, but continues to focus on chemistry, consent, and women’s sexual autonomy. Performers are encouraged to explore what brings them pleasure. ForPlay Film’s line of branded films, entitled Holistic Pornography bring an entirely new perspective to the forefront, prioritizing the mental health and emotional well-being of a person in tandem with sexual pleasure and fantasy. We are proud to be the creators of this new frontier and ForPlay Films is the only place you will find porn branded as Holistic Pornography with all the benefits, knowledge, and pleasure it can offer.

Believing that education is central to sexual empowerment, ForPlay Films also produces Sexucation, a series of short videos that use humor to educate women and men alike on cunnlingus, communication, polyamory, birth control and all things sex.
ForPlay Films are richly cinematic, with lighting, locations, and wardrobe all meticulously crafted to immerse the viewer in sensuality. Our work has been recognized at the Berlin Porn Film Festival, the Vienna Porn Film Festival, the Royal Academy of Arts London, BRIEFS Oakland 2019, the Newport Beach Film Festival, and CinkeKink NY. Our short film “The Alley” won the award for “Best Sex” at Dan Savage’s Film Festival HUMP.
We are also available to work with individuals and couples on private boudoir video shoots. Whether you want a film featuring you and your partner for private consumption or have a fantasy in mind you want us to film for you, our all-female collective will make sure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the experience.

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