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What Porn Stars Can Teach Us About Sex

“On the set of the ethical porn site Forplay Films, and director Inka Winter is shooting a foursome. Tears come to my eyes as I witness their attentiveness, care, vulnerability and...”

XBiz Woman of the Month Porn Revolution

XBiz Woman of the Month - Inka Winter's Porn Revolution

Pages 108 and 130

“I hope to continue to uplift women in adult by giving them a voice, listening to them, empowering boundaries, creative freedom, and autonomy”

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GLAMOUR - 24 Feminist Porn Sites You’ll Really, Really Enjoy

No more degrading content made by men for men.

"This award-winning site features artistic, creative, concept-driven films. Shot by the site’s female founder, Inka Winter, the videos are sensual, passionate, and romantic...”

AskMen - Everything About Sensation Play Sex Tips

AskMen Sex Tips - Everything About Sensation Play

“Sensation play, as the name suggests, involves engaging and stimulating the senses in order to elicit pleasure,” says adult filmmaker Inka Winters.

Sex With Strangers Authentic Beautiful Ethical Porn

Sex With Strangers - Authentic Beautiful Ethical Porn

Chris Sowa chats with porn great Inka Winter (and more!) about efforts to make pornography more beautiful, authentic and ethical.

Bold Journey Inka Winter interview ethical feminist porn for women

BOLD JOURNEY - Inka Winter Interview

"We create ethical, feminist porn by women, for women... the performers and their wants and needs, inclusivity and diversity, consent and autonomy..."

Daily Star Empowering Porn for Women

DAILY STAR - I make Porn for Women

Erika Lust and Inka Winter team up for the romantic Ashford Manor series, inspired by Bridgerton.

"The new films are so good that the adult stars fell in love on set!"

Daily Star Ashford Manor sexier than Bridgerton, female gaze erotica

DAILY STAR - Ashford manor Sexier than Bridgerton

“A porn series inspired by saucy Netflix show Bridgerton has been made to promote equality and feminism in adult films.”

LustZine Ashford Manor Romance and Porn

LustZine - Ashford Manor, Romance and Porn

"Erika Lust and Inka Winter team up for a new porn mini-series, inspired by the hit Netflix series and Jane Austen’s classics."

XBiz - How to Bring Out More Sensuality in Your Content

XBiz - How to Bring Out More Sensuality in Your Content

“Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to what is... this will help you be more in tune with the moment, and stay connected with your body...”

ShoutOutLA Inka Winter Erotica and Sex Educator

ShoutOutLA - Inka Winter Erotica & Sex Educator

“With our erotic films, we want to change these perspectives to be more feminist in order to create a more consensual and sexually liberated world.”

Klipsun Kinky Art Indie Porn

KLIPSUN - Kinky Art, Indie Adult Films

"Winter is the founder and owner of ForPlay Films, an independent production company that creates porn through a feminist gaze."

Sex-Positive Porn Hustler

HUSTLER - Sex-Positive Porn, Inclusive and Superhot

Featuring Erika Lust and Inka Winter

" avoids depicting women as mere objects of the male gaze... females dominate... and the talent seems to value working on these projects..."

VoyageLA - Inka Winter feminist ethical porn for women

VoyageLA - Meet Inka Winter

“We make ethical, feminist porn where consent and autonomy are crucial. Our holistic approach is what sets us apart from others.”

Bustle Ethics of OnlyFans and Porn

BUSTLE - The Ethics of OnlyFans and Porn

“Being a conscious porn consumer means paying for your porn... Jean advocates for supporting smaller porn platforms, like ForPlay Films or AORTA Films...”

Finding my Yum podcast with Geri Courtney-Austein

Finding My Yum Podcast

With Geri Courtney-Austein, actor and comedian.

"We are thrilled to have Inka Winter of ForPlay films on this week to talk about the difference in erotica made for men and the kind of films she makes - erotica for women. "

Sex Work for Dummies

Sex Work for Dummies

Hosted by Ruby Condon

"Featuring an interview with feminist, ethical, holistic pornographer and sex educator, Inka Winter.”

Sisters of Sexuality

Sisters of Sexuality Podcast w/ Taylor Sparks

“Inka Winter discusses the Sexy Eye and the Female Gaze, in Porn made for Women. Hosted by sex goddess Taylor Sparks.”

Share the Load with Mia Schachter

Share the Load w/ Mia Schachter

“I talk to Inka Winter, founder of ForPlay Films, her production company which produces erotic films for women by women. She also created Sexucation on YouTube...”

Dan Savage OC Weekly HUMP fim fest

OC Weekly - HUMP Film Fest


"Sexucation: Just Jizz showcases top-notch production values while humorously promoting the nutritious and holistic values of semen, as well as its accessibility"

You Do You

You Do You

Feminist Porn is the Future

“This week, Kaley and Sarah talk to LA-based feminist film trailblazer Inka Winter who is changing the landscape of porn for the better. Inka is the founder of ForPlay Films, an independent, all-woman production film company that focuses on making feminist porn centred on the female sexual experience. Inka began her filmmaking journey when her dying sex drive was impacting her relationship. Inka has a thoughtful, holistic approach to pornography which is both insightful and refreshing.”

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Deutschlandfunk Nova

“Inka Winter fühlte sich als Frau durch Pornos nicht angesprochen. Also hat sie angefangen selbst Sexfilme zu drehen.

Inka Winter stammt aus München, lebt seit 2006 in Los Angeles und dreht mit ihrer Firma ForPlay Films Pornos für Frauen. Angefangen hat Inka als Kostümbildnerin und Stilistin....”


COSMO Radio Bremen

“Inka Winter aus Los Angeles dreht Pornos für Frauen. COSMO-Reporterin Burcu Arslan hat mit der gebürtigen Münchnerin darüber gesprochen, wie sie zu diesem ungewöhnlichen Job gekommen ist und was einen gelungenen Porno für Frauen ausmacht.”

Sex gets real

Sex Gets Real

“Inka Winter from ForPlay Films joins us to talk about making porn and why sexual healing and sex education is an important part of her work.

Frankfurter Allgemeine

Frankfurter Allgemeine

“Cindy Gallop und Inka Winter sind Teil einer größer werdenden Bewegung, die sich für feministische Pornographie starkmacht. Die Schwedin Erika Lust etwa verfilmt die erotischen Phantasien ihrer Zuschauerinnen. Die Australierin Ms. Naughty wirbt auf ihrer Website „Bright Desire“ mit „klugem, sinnlichem Sex“. Die englische Künstlerin Vex Ashley verbindet auf „A Four Chambered Heart“ Sex mit ihrem feinen Sinn für Ästhetik. Dabei geht es übrigens”

Dan Savage

Dan Savage

“But fearlessly, we continue! On the Magnum, Dan Savage interviews Inka, the creator of ForPlay Films: Erotica made by women, for women.”

Is our love

Is Our Love

“Is there a difference between porn and erotica? And above all – how does one transition from growing up in a sex cult to creating responsible porn? Frustrated by a lack of quality heterosexual porn that spoke to her, one-woman-show Inka Winter set out to make her own with For Play Films. We find out about the process that goes into each scene and how Inka selects her talent.”