Inka Winter is an erotic filmmaker and founder of ForPlay Films, an independent, all-woman porn production company. Additionally, Inka is the creator of Sexucation, the sex ed arm of ForPlay Films.
Inka founded ForPlay Films out of her determination to make porn by women and for women. Her erotic films titillate the senses through sexual chemistry, consent, autonomy, and the female gaze.
She believes that education and emotional wellbeing are a central part of a healthy sex life. That’s why she started the YouTube channel Sexucation, which aims to provide adults with factual information on topics such as birth control, cunnilingus, polyamory, and how to communicate during sex.

This is also why in addition to erotic filmmaking, Inka is also providing desire and arousal coaching.

Spending her formative years living in an alternative artist commune in Austria gave Inka a critical eye for what constitutes genuinely sexy, consensual female pleasure and set the foundation for her creative endeavors in erotic filmmaking. Her background in costume design and styling informs her aesthetic and translates to the editorial feel of her films.