What is Holistic Pornography?

What is feminist porn? Let’s start with some definitions.
In order to define feminist porn we first need to define a few other terms.
Mainstream Porn is often produced and directed by cisgendered men, and made for a cis-gendered male audience. That means that the pleasure of the male consumer is front and center of what is presented on screen. Mostly that means stereotypically or conventionally attractive performers engaging in sex acts in a way that mainstream producers believe pleases a typically male audience. (Here at Forplay we believe that desire, no matter one’s gender or genitalia, can be truly expansive – and masc folks love our films too!)
Female Friendly Porn targets mainly straight women and is usually more story driven. It often has a romance component. The films are generally more sensual, and aim for better cinematography. That said, the casting is often still very stereotypical.
Ethical Porn refers broadly to what we could call “consensual” porn. This refers mostly to everything that goes on behind the scenes or off-screen. That means performers are paid fairly, the sex acts they perform are in line with what they are interested in performing, they are treated with consideration and respect both on set and throughout the entire production process. On an ethical porn set there is informed consent and affirmative buy-ins from everyone involved in the production of the film, which also extends to the film crew, about every aspect of the production.
Therefore even mainstream porn can be produced ethically
Feminist Porn goes beyond ethical porn in that the production is done in an ethical way and, in addition, the content created is not only “female friendly”, but includes a diversity of bodies, ethnicity, sexes, gender expression, desires and sexual expression.
It also includes the realistic depiction of pleasure and a collaboration between director on talent to incorporate the actors’ own sexual desires.
Since female identified humans have diverse desires and sources of pleasure, feminist porn can be soft or edgy, romantic or kinky (or both!), with or without a storyline, straight, queer, cis, trans, bi or any combination thereof.

Holistic Pornography You may have heard of holistic medicine before. Holistic medicine is defined as “characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.” If the goal of pornography is to create sexual pleasure, then like in medicine, Holistic Pornography —a genre and type of entertainment service created and offered only by ForPlay Films—a unique service wherein the films cater to the whole person (including mental and social factors) to create an experience of pleasure and healing. While feminist porn already takes social factors into consideration, through diversity and inclusivity, which contributes to a viewer’s mental and emotional well-being. Holistic porn goes even deeper into the mental health aspect of a viewing participant, by including things like mindfulness, exploration of sexual beliefs, body image and other sexual education, based on the assumption that sexual conditioning influences our ability to experience sexual pleasure.

What does that mean for you? By being a member of Forplay Films’ and choosing to purchase our branded line of Holistic Pornography, you’ll get to take advantage of a whole world of benefits and kinds of content. Not only will you be able to watch our porn films, on demand – but you’ll also be able to take advantage of our series of mindfulness videos, our Sexucation series, our virtual workshops on sexual self-awareness, and more. All with the knowledge that everyone involved in the making of this content has been well looked after, with their individual needs and boundaries honoured at all times.

We also look forward to improving as we grow – what would you like to see? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you!