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Some may self- pleasure more quietly when alone rather than having sex with a partner, so try to imagine that someone is there with you which may help you to be more audible. And please try to take your time, we want to hear more of you!
Maybe describe what you want to be doing or would be doing to someone if they were present.
Take a moment to think about what you are going to do and say, maybe even script it a little. This may help to create a comfortable flow, you could also record an actual phone call with your lover and let it fly!
For best results, follow a few recording guidelines for optimal sound quality.

Recording instructions

For optimal sound quality please follow these guidelines. You can use your cell phone to record just make sure the phone is close to your face so your vocal audio is what we hear best. Close your windows and check for any other noise sources. This should be a fun experience, but sexual activities can sometimes produce sounds that while not noticeable as you are engaging in it, will be a little distracting for audio; e.g. a squeaking bed, blankets being moved around etc.
If you are using a vibrator please muffle it with a blanket or something else to drown out the vibrating sound so we can hear your audio better.


If you want to edit out something you don’t feel comfortable submitting there are some easy to use audio editing apps available.
If you leave a comment with your submission we can also do some edits to your recording.

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