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Boo! We Are Going to Hump! By Val Elefante

The spookiest yet sexiest month of the year is upon us! Halloween is coming up quickly—the one weekend a year you’re given the chance to become whoever or whatever your creative little mind can piece together. Perhaps you’ve pulled out from the back of your closet that sexy leather cat suit or the furry fox tail. Nah, who am I kidding, most of us kinky sex freaks wear that stuff all year round anyways 😉

At ForPlay films, we are lucky that our work allows us to play dress-up quite often. We are always experimenting with a wide range of characters and time periods, and love taking our viewers with us on a journey into a kind-of fantasy world. Committed to making porn that is not only ethical but aesthetic and sensual, we style our performers to perfection and pay exquisite attention to detail on everything from angle to position to lighting.

Making our films this way is challenging (and expensive), but we would rather make our porn for women this way than force women to watch the kind of stuff that is still flooding the internet today.

An exciting update we have to share with you all is that THREE of our films were selected to be included in this year’s Hump! Film Festival. Dan Savage, who interviewed our Founder Inka about ForPlay Films for his podcast called Savage Lovecast last year, created the festival in 2005, and it has since become one of the most well-known, farthest traveling, sexiest porn film festivals in the world.

We’ve actually won an award there before! Our film, The Alley, won in 2018 for “Best Sex,” which was such an exciting moment for us. And so we are hoping our participating films will do well again this year.

The three films that will be traveling around with this year’s Hump! Film Festival are: “Disco Made Me Do It” starring Sami Price, Jiz Lee, and Iris Ives, in collaboration with Priceless Productions, Savory Lights, Andy Warren, and Jeff Winograd; “Fuck First,” a film about a Swingers Party; and, finally, “Into the Wild,” a primal scene in a forest.

We are so honored to be a part of the festival and we hope you’ll come check us out on the big screen at one of the screenings below!

That’s all for now! Until next time <3