Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 45.58

Performers : Nicole Kitt, David Lee


An elegant date turns into a poetic game, as David Lee’s gift to Nicole Kitt of origami roses brings their communication to another level. Taking turns to open each paper flower, they reveal poetry and instructions on how to proceed with touch and teasing. A subtle, unhurried unfurling, with an emphasis on enjoying the moment one is in. With each bud opened, Nicole takes David’s hand and leads him deeper into her boudoir. He slowly removes each petal of clothing, her dress and her high heels, until she’s left in her gorgeous lingerie. Kissing up her legs, he helps her remove her panties before going down on her and then fingering her on her luxurious couch. Then it’s her turn to take charge. Removing his layers, revealing his taut six pack, she climbs on top of him, and graces him with kisses and gentle touches, before giving him a blowjob and lavishing oral attention on his cock. Then he gently pushes her onto her back, and starts to penetrate her as they hold intense eye contact. He fucks her till she gasps, before she takes her turn riding him, as he sucks on her beautiful nipples. More sensual fellatio follows, until the couple decide to move things to an upright position. Leaning against chaise-lounge and wall, they experiment with standing positions that culminate with Kitt balanced backwards on the arm of her settee as Lee fucks her hard to an eye-rolling, “fuck, oh my god” orgasm. Laughing in release, they return to stretching out together horizontally, as he fucks her both hard and gently, never letting go of connection and sensuality. Her hand around her throat, cit at the mercy of his expert fingers, he thrusts into her as they spoon romantically, Kitt murmuring passionate encouragement all the while, as she comes. Clasping hands and clutching her breasts, they take their time here, steeping in each other for a long relaxed interlude, before he helps her to her hands and knees, and thrusts into her doggy-style. Coming inside her, they collapse together, all smiles and release, and spoon each other, until he reveals one last flower to be plucked and opened. Last words of affection and romance, before the lovers fall asleep together, trusting, and sated. A thoughtful gift of a date that’s returned a thousand fold.