Valentine Au Derriere

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 48.00

Performers : Avery Jane, Nathan Bronson


Charming bad boy Nathan Bronson makes up for his workaholic absence by bringing his delightfully cheeky partner Avery Jane a gift to remember. A custom made glass dildo, chocolates and… butt plugs! Everything she’s ever wanted. He undresses her to her lingerie, kissing her full breasts and peeling off her garter… but leaves her stockings on. Then he takes his time fingering her and eating her out. Once she’s thoroughly wet he pushes into her pussy and fucks her hard on her boudoir’s heart-shaped bed. Leaving her giggling in anticipation, he pulls out his first toy – a small silver vibrator, which he uses to play with her clit and make her squeal, as he fucks her slowly and steadily. Now thoroughly warmed up, she presents her round ass to him, as she grabs another vibe to stimulate herself. He lubes up her asshole and a stainless steel buttplug. Checking in with her constantly, he carefully eases it in into her anus, and then fucks her pussy as she lays sideways, giving her an exquisite introductory sensation of double penetration. A series of short quick thrusts has her whimpering in ecstasy and ready for more. The butt plug gets removed with care and a giggle, and the couple then experiments with the custom-made dildo, with all its ridges and flares. Going slowly and carefully, with plenty of lube, Bronson maneuvres it in her whilst jacking himself off, and then penetrates her pussy with his cock, all while simultaneously fucking her ass with the dildo. Soon they prepare for more – putting the dildo aside, her ass stretched and elastic and warm, he pushes his cock carefully into her, and then with her enthusiastic consent, fucks her hard. With ecstatic squirms and giggles she climbs on top of him and grinds and wiggles her ass on his cock, until she comes hard, moaning from her first anal orgasm. After he quickly cleans up, she goes down on him, but soon gets distracted as he reaches around and fingers her with three, and then four fingers. Turning her around, he pushes his cock into her pussy, and then reams her ass with his fingers, slowly increasing how many, checking in constantly. Avery squeals helplessly with delight as he continues to fuck her, telling him “that’s your pussy” as he pounds into her and showers her with kisses, and brings her to a screaming orgasm with his hand around her throat. Then, bouncing in girlish excitement, she asks if she can ride him, and climbs on top of him, only to come again… and again!… in quivering orgasms. She returns the adoration by going down on him with her pierced tongue, before climbing on top of him for more. “I can’t stop cumming!” she squeals, whilst getting bounced fast on his hard cock. Relaxing for a moment, they go back in for more anal, as Nathan lubes up his penis and pentrates her ass with his cock and his fingers, as she uses her silver vibe on her clit. Then he fucks her hard, and makes her come yet again, as she clutches him and he holds her tight. Then – for the only-for-advanced-practitioners Main Event – with plenty of communication and even more lube – she presents her ass to him, and Nathan slowly increases the number of fingers, until his whole fist disappears into her asshole. Shaking his arm like a vibrator, he makes her anally climax not once, but twice, before taking her emphatically with his hard cock, to yet more squeals, giggles and orgasms. Finally he comes hard into her ass, collapsing on top of her to mutual “oh my gods”, as his cum leaks out of her anal hole. Thoroughly loved up, stretched out, filled in every way – we can all agree that this was a Valentine’s day to remember!