Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 10.31

Performers : Debbie, The Animal, Icicle


Intimate, seductive, and gorgeously real, Undressed is a stripped-down, secret glimpse at a woman letting the world fall away and letting herself disappear into sensation – with not just one, but two, of her favorite people in the world. A sensual, romantic menage-a-trois, where the lovers take their sweet time with each other and themselves. Gentle kisses and teasing as clothing and stockings come off, before bare feet pad into the shower. Then – warm water, and stroked skin, hot bodies against cool glass. Silhouettes and steam as Debbie gets gently eaten out with The Animal’s oral expertise, as she’s held by Icicle. Debbie experiences a soft climax in her lover’s mouth, before The Animal gets turned around and taken from behind, penetrated by Icicle’s hardness as she’s held softly by Debbie. As the tempo builds, we get treated to a simultaneous orgasm as Icicle comes inside The Animal with delicious mutual bliss… before the whole throuple holds each other with tenderness and love. Hot water, hot sex, sweetness and exquisite tension – A threesome that vibrates with love and heat, under needles of water and sliding against glass.