Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 43.30

Performers : Ember Snow, Alex Legend


Like a trip to a spa, Touch is a daydream of a scene where Ember Snow and Alex Legend take all the time in the world to unwind and explore themselves and each other. Take a vacation and let everything else disappear, as you watch this handsome couple indulge in relaxed and romantic foreplay to get each other hot. She guides his fingers in exactly the way she likes, and he kisses her neck and tongues her nipples before delicately fingering her. As she squirms in growing desire, he holds her close in his tattooed arms. They take their sweet time going down on each other, before she climbs on top of his hard cock. Alex then turns her over, and spoons her from behind to the sound of her moans, before taking charge and thrusting into her from above. A series of connected and increasingly intense positions follow, with the music of her whimpers of pleasure as she orgasms hard, until she gives him a last epic blow job, making him come in her mouth.