Thinking of You

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 39:06

Performers : Sage the Flame, Isaiah Maxwell


Lushly sensual, with foreplay that teases the mind as well as the body, this erotic film is all about anticip…ation. Get an inside look at the fantasies of Sage and Isiah as they share their hot sexts, and allow dream and reality to blur into one another as those fantasies come to life. They take their time awakening each other’s senses, with kisses and caresses over their clothes, grinding into each other and enjoying delayed gratification and the heat of wanting. Their sexts guide the action, as Sage asks to be touched and teased until she can’t stand it any more. Isiah delivers, kissing her deeply, before sucking on her breasts and teasing her pierced nipple with his tongue. Isiah brings her next sext to life, making her moan as he glides his hand down to her pussy, and gets her writhing and wet. Things get more intense as his pants come off, and his hard dick is fully revealed. Asking him to fuck her face, Sage takes her time with her lips and tongue, teasing the head of his dick and sucking on it gently, before wrapping her hand around the rock-hard shaft. Sitting up, she takes him in deep, gagging slightly on his length, as she deep-throats his cock with a lavish blow job. Then Isiah slides her shorts off, fingering her and gliding his fingers up and down her wet cunt, as she continues going down on him until they’re both eager for more. “I need you inside me” Sage begs; but Isiah makes her wait. Instructing her to be patient, he takes his time winding her up even more, eating her out with his magic tongue. Sage can’t help but moan an “oh my god” as he enthusiastically performs cunnilingus, squeezing her breast with his other hand. After she once again begs for him to penetrate her, he thrusts into her slowly, making her moan helplessly. He fucks her steadily, making her crest with sensation, holding her leg up as she rubs her own clit. He tells her how much he loves watching her touch herself as he fucks her, and she brings herself to multiple rolling orgasms as he keeps fucking her just the way she likes. They pause briefly for a makeout session, but he keeps going, fucking her in an intimate missionary that makes her cry out again and again. Switching things up, she takes the lead and climbs on top of him, ready to ride his dick and “stroke it with her pussy”. Her expert gyrations and pelvic control are on display as she bounces and grinds, rising and falling as Isiah strokes her skin and adorable tattooed ass with his strong hands… occasionally delivering a sharp smack and making her quiver and moan. Taking her waist in his hands, he fucks her from below, holding her tightly as he penetrates her and spanks her, driving her to delicious distraction. Overwhelmed with sensation, they switch positions again, as Isiah guides her into a modified doggy-style. Taking her from behind, he pulls her head back by her hair, keeping control of her reactions. Putting her on her hands and knees and making her cry out, he fucks her hard, until she begs him to choke her until she cums hard all over his dick, squeezing his cock as her pussy contracts in orgasm. They talk dirty to each other, bringing their sexts to verbal life, and Sage moans oh my god over and over as Isiah whispers in her ear, hypnotizing her into a constant state of orgasm… Before pulling out and spurting his creamy cum all over her glorious ass. But who’s there in the flesh, and who’s in whose mind? We close with Sage masturbating to orgasm, sending a last voice-sext to her lover, and smiling in sweet satisfaction… And enjoying how sexting can bring long-distance lovers together.