The Stranger

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 44.17

Performers : Local Honey, Jupiter Borrego


Suggestions of CNC (consensual non-consent) and BDSM in this carefully crafted embodiment of Local Honey’s personal fantasy. An oh-so-innocent young woman walks empty streets and is picked up by a total stranger. Drawn in by his charm, strength, and flattery, she chooses to enter his car… and surrenders herself entirely to his control. With exquisite care and tense pacing, we watch as he takes care of her, and coaxes her into comfort, directing her to a single mattress laid out on his floor. Slowly, with infinite patience, he peels off her layers of clothing, with a slight slap, pinch, and gentle throat squeeze to test her limits. He bites at her breasts, holds her down, and she smiles in total trust and surrender. Then, he introduces the handcuffs. Wide-eyed, silent, she accepts them… and he starts to get rougher. He puts his black boots on her neck, cutting off her breathing – before he releases her to a gasp. Taking off her socks, he lavishly kisses her feet, sucks her manicured toes, and then tests her pain threshold with a few sharp slaps on her thigh. She starts to struggle, skirt hiked up around her waist, and he pins her down by her throat, choking her. As she tries to escape, he pulls her curly hair and overpowers her effortlessly. Several hard slaps on her ass show her who’s in control, and she submits, getting stretched out on her belly for his desires. With her totally surrendering, he reverently kisses and worships the round cheeks of her ass, before spanking them hard and leaving them pink. As she makes a brief move to flee, he sits on her, ominously pulling off his leather belt. Warning her not to struggle, he starts smacking her with the belt, the sounds ringing out in his dark lair, before he runs the leather and metal over her skin. Making her kiss him, feeling her respond despite herself, he strips her of her final piece of clothing – her panties – and leaves her naked and vulnerable in the pool of harsh light. Returning with a luxurious flogger, he lets her feel the promise of its leather strips, before starting to beat her with it – controlling her with a heavy foot when she starts to fight back, weakly. Then kissing her, he directs her to climb on top of him. Obedient, eager, she takes off his military fatigues, then eagerly goes down on him, sucking his cock as he grips her hair and directs her movement. Using his muscled and tattooed legs to imprison her between his thighs, he enjoys the enthusiastic blowjob. Then, ready to claim her completely, he climbs on top of her, opening her legs to him. Thrusting into her, his elaborate tattoos on full display, he fucks her firmly and steadily, making her take him laying on her back. Then he makes her get up with a spank, and present herself doggy-style, where he fucks her deep, before eating her out from between her ass cheeks. More hard spanks make her surrender to his oral ministrations, making her writhe in pleasure and buck her hips to meet his mouth and tongue. Dreamy with sensation and his control over her, she spaces out in orgasmic bliss, until she pulls him up to her, and they kiss lovingly and tenderly to come down together from the fantasy high.
A final epilogue of communication and aftercare reassures us – if it wasn’t clear all along – that despite the tense scene, these two are far from strangers – and have been safe, sane, and consensual all along.