The Punishment

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 9.44

Performers : Crystal Johnson, Mandroid


“Oops, sir – I was naughty”. A loving riff on D/s dynamics, as someone really “asks for it” at the end of a luxurious date night. An excellent first foray into kink themes for the bdsm-curious, Crystal Johnson and Mandroid give themselves over to a fun, low-stakes roleplay of a Dom and an ever-so-slightly cheeky sub. In exquisite lingerie, she surrenders to his orders, as he ties her wrists with rope and has his way with her. The bra and garters come off, the blindfold goes on, and poor Crystal suffers exquisitely as he spanks her and indulges in some scratchy sensation play. As she gives in more, he gets a little rougher, tossing her around, until he judges her to be ready to take him – and thrusts inside her. Forcing her legs open, their fucking rises in intensity, first with Crystal flat on her back, then on her hands and knees as he takes her roughly from behind, forcing a series of orgasms from her trembling body. Finally, he makes her ride him hard, before she jerks him off with her hand, and he spurts come in an intense spasm of a climax. A last moment of loving connection reassures us of their connection and care as we leave the lovers to the rest of their night. Glorious proof that – with consent! – punishments can be fun for everyone.