The Proposal

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 30:45

Performers : Nicole Kitt, Jonte


A true love story come to life, with real-couple Nicole Kitt and Jonte reveling in romance together. After a heart-rending piano interlude played with his expert fingers, Jonte gets down on one knee and proposes to his lady love. Appropriately dressed in bridal white, Nicole says YES!

Exuberant and tender kisses are followed by a reverent worshipping of Nicole’s svelte body as she’s pushed up against the piano keys. Once again getting down on his knees, Jonte puts his mouth and lips to a different use, ravenously eating out Nicole’s cunt as both of them moan hungrily. Rising up to meet her, they kiss, allowing her to taste her own juices on his tongue. Then Jonte uses his pianist’s dexterity and starts fingering her wet cleft. They breathe each other in, and then realize that Jonte’s pants are definitely overstaying their welcome.

As he shucks off his layers of clothing, Nicole takes her chance to kneel and take Jonte’s manhood into her luscious mouth. Using her hands and lips she strokes and sucks him off in loving fellatio, gazing up at him from beneath long lashes. Her expert suction causes him to groan and throw his head back helplessly, until he can no longer resist the call of her body. He tumbles her onto a chaise and dives back into her delicate folds for more cunnilingus, drinking up her nectar. Then he rises over her, and pierces her center with his cock.

Knees bent, she takes him in, and their breathing synchronizes. They moan together as he makes love to her, thrusting deep inside her in steady strokes, kissing all the while. Then it’s her turn to climb on top of him, straddling him as he sits on the sofa. She rides him, letting her pleasure crest in waves, before picking up the pace and bouncing fiercely on his hard cock. They gasp in unison, before he lifts her up, supporting her full weight. He carries her back to the piano – she kneels on the piano stool, and he penetrates her from behind, in an intensely connected doggy style fuck.

He cradles her body from behind, and continues to take her, making her cry out in shuddering gasps. Almost overcome with sensation, he doesn’t let her squirm away, fingering her aching clit in just the way he knows she likes, and holding her sweat-beaded breast. More standing sex, but this time face-to-face, to gaze into each others’ eyes, share each others’ breath, and drink in passionate kisses. He brings her to a cresting climax over the piano. But they’re not even close to being satiated.

Moving back to the divan, they giggle as she bounces hungrily on his cock, before settling into escalating waves of urgency and need. Once against showing his strength, and her trust, he lifts her up and deposits her again on the sofa, making love with her in an adjusted, flexible missionary, causing her to cry out in ecstasy. He fucks her passionately into a shuddering, helpless orgasm, as she spasms around his cock, and then their lips and tongues meet as she comes down a little, and catches her breath.

But he’s still not done – his hand around her throat, knowing his now-fiancee inside and out, he holds her down and fingers her, using his hand to stimulate her g-spot to yet another orgasm. Then he enters her once again, his hard cock sliding into her. Her toes curl as she comes again, as the whole room shakes around them. He strokes her dark skin emotionally as they kiss in an interlude, before bringing her back to readiness – he positions her on her knees on the divan, and starts to fuck her from behind, holding her hips and making her gasp. He cradles her breast in her hand as he comes hard, and achingly, into her core, connected at every level, and fluid-bonded in the most intimate way. He stays buried in her as they come down from their high together, soaking in their emotional connection.

They hold each other close. Slicked with sweat, elated by passion, love, and endorphins, it’s the perfect – and romantic – way to celebrate a proposal.