The Key Party

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 21.31


Ever wondered what those “key parties” in the – ahem – “swinging” seventies were really like? Spouse-swapping with a twist, as three oh-so-well-behaved couples switch things up all over the house in this tongue in cheek – and deliciously naughty – trip down memory lane. Gay, straight and lesbian make-out sessions lead to enthusiastic oral between every combination of couple, including some tattooed and writhing man-on-man face-fucking. A couple of oral orgasms as aperitifs lead into outright fucking in various parts of the house – on couches, tables, up against walls, and even in the occasional bedroom. Fingering, doggy-style, mutual masturbation, girl on top, more oral, and many more orgasms later, we find all of our couples finally satiated and sleepy. Slowly, they gather their clothes and their senses, and come back together as one happy family. We end with a glorious retro feast, and the very sensible reminder to always “Fuck First”.