The Conjuring

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 40.13

Performers : Bella Luna, Chad Alva


A tongue-in-cheek invocation of feminine power, A Conjuring uses the story of one Wiccan’s love invocation to deliver an otherworldly sensual fantasy. After one sweet, subby witch, (Bella Luna) performs a magic spell, her conjuring appears – Chad Alva, as her tattooed dream-man (or other being?) carrying the gifts of sex toys! Intrigued by her new company, she invites him to her bed, and allows him to kiss her. After slowly exploring each others bodies, he reaches for his basket of magical toys, and pulls out a thin black rope. She permits him to bind her hands, surrendering control as he uses a magical wand vibrator to awaken her senses. Slowly they peel off their layers of clothing, revealing more of his ink, and her pierced nipples. He kisses his way from her toes up her legs, before stripping off his pants and revealing his already-hard cock. Presenting it to her for her enjoyment, she eagerly and sensually kisses and licks it, starting to take him into her mouth. Highly aroused by her ministrations, he moves between her legs, where she anoints his cock with lube, before allowing him to slide into her. Bella lies on her back and takes him in, as he devotedly varies his rhythms and thrusts, before he spoons her and fucks her some more. She whimpers helplessly, before he kneels over her for more fellatio. She lavishes attention on his hard cock, looking up at him before they shift positions. This time she straddles him, riding him steadily in a cowgirl position. Bouncing with his hands on her hips, she catches her breath and has a quiet, quivering orgasm on his cock. Murmuring reassurance to her, he moves her into doggy style, where he takes her as they hold onto each other for security. Cradling her neck, he fucks her as she gets closer and closer to climax, and then cums, pulling away as she’s overwhelmed by sensation. They make out tenderly for a while as she recovers herself, before they go in for one last round. As they gaze intently into each others eyes, Chad comes hard into her. He takes his time in the afterglow, caressing her skin and running his fingers over her beloved curves, before they fall asleep together, in a truly magical embrace. A love incantation indeed.