The Art of Pleasuring an AFAB Person

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 45:10

Performers : Apryl Rein, Sage the Flame


Whether you’re cis, trans, NB, queer, fluid or questioning, if you are or make love with an AFAB (Assigned-Female-At-Birth) person, this erotic educational tutorial is for you! Sage the Flame and Apryl Rein center communication, consent, and listening to your partner’s body in this guided sex-education erotic film. This film focuses on AFAB pleasure and techniques for the clitoris, vulva, and vagina, and includes consideration and care for trans-dysphoria. Sage (she/they) and Apryl (they/he) start this instructional by opening up the definition of what sex can look like, and expanding what we think of as “normal”. Encouraging everyone to release previous ideas absorbed from traditional porn, they emphasize how every individual is different, and how even physical or emotional shifts from day to day can affect one’s experience of touch or penetration. They take a moment to check in about consent, and preferences, before enjoying long, unrushed foreplay. Apryl asks for consent to take off Sage’s shirt, and then kisses her neck, trailing slow kisses down her torso. Sage asks Apryl how they like their nipples touched, and then allows her own body to be explored. As her arousal grows, she closes her eyes and breathes more deeply, catching her breath and moaning as Apryl goes down on her with gentle cunnilingus, massaging Sage’s clit extremely lightly with their tongue. They take a moment to talk to the audience, demonstrating how they use their fingers to open Sage’s labia majora, and then use their lips and tongue to apply pressure to the clitoris, running their fingers and tongue up and down between the labia minora. Allowing themselves to disappear into sensation, they continue their explorations, hiking Sage’s increasingly relaxed legs up to give Apryl more room for their cunnilingus. Sensing that their partner’s arousal is heightened, Apryl asks if Sage might be interested in strap-on penetration, and then puts on a harness… not forgetting to check about size and comfort! The two lovers get giggly as Sage consents to sucking on Sage’s strap-on dick, lubricating it with her saliva. Then she lays back again, and Apryl takes a teaching moment to demonstrate how to ease into penetration whilst still stimulating Sage’s clitoris. As they tease Sage, they show how to listen to an AFAB partner’s body to judge how fast or deep to go, before thrusting deeper. Sage moans as she gets gently fucked, throwing her head back in pleasure, as Apryl continues to gently stroke her clit with their thumb, taking the time to gaze deeply into her eyes and kiss her. Sage moans and cries out in helpless pleasure, gasping “Oh My God” as her pleasure mounts, and she orgasms multiple times on Apryl’s cock. Feeling their partner’s muscles seize around the strap-on, Apryl slows down, leaving their silicone cock buried in Sage’s vagina, as they “soak” and kiss each other gently. In the afterglow they take a moment to discuss Sage’s body language, and the importance of listening, paying particular attention to heightened sensitivity post-orgasm. Eventually, Apryl requests that Sage uses a vibrator on them – giggling, they pull out a magic wand, and then asks how Apryl likes to be touched. Talking about trans dysphoria and sensitivity, the beauty of anticipation and foreplay, they make a note of the need for lubrication and taking one’s time. They talk about consent and boundaries, and also encourage people to think of vibrators as friends and tools rather than competition, and that vibrators can be deeply enjoyable for all gender identities – men, women, NBs, cis or trans. They return to foreplay, as Sage kisses, licks, and sucks her way down Apryl’s torso, using her tongue to trace lines of sensation across their skin. She explores Apryl’s various erogenous zones, waiting for their arousal to rise before she licks her fingers and starts feather-light vulva stimulation. Listening to Apryl’s cries and moans of pleasure, she continues to tease their vulva and clit, while tonguing their pierced nipples and maintaining knowing eye contact. She keeps fingering them, making sure her fingers stay well-lubricated, as they whimper in pleasure, and they have a first orgasm. Then Apryl adds a vibrator to the mix as Sage keeps stimulating them manually, vibrating themself to multiple orgasms and crying out “Oh Fuck” as they come hard, multiple times. In the afterglow, they pause to explain Sage’s techniques, starting with immense delicacy and ample lubrication, becoming friends with the vibrator, and then applying post-orgasmic palm pressure. Winding down, they both leave us with encouragement to explore and expand our modes of communication, and bodily self-awareness, no matter our gender identity. A grounded, generous, playful sex instructional for folks of any identity who are, or who make love to, anyone who is Assigned-Female-At-Birth.