The Alley

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 11.28

Performers : Mr and Mrs. Wylde


Two enigmatic strangers meet eyes in a laundromat… And suddenly chores get a whole lot more interesting. A down-and-dirty fantasy of casual sex and intimate encounters, designed and perfomed by real-life couple Mr and Mrs Wylde. Playing total strangers, these two tatted hotties eye each other and fuck each other in the public alley back behind the laundromat. Watched by cameras, potentially caught at any moment, they abandon themselves to impulse and literally rip each others’ clothes off to get to each others’ goods. He tongues her nipples through her sheer bralette, enjoying her gorgeous ink. She goes down on him in full view of the voyeuristic security cameras, sucking off his hard cock. Then he hikes up her skirt, and kisses and bites her glorious ass, before thrusting into her hard, and fucking her up against the wall. He takes the time to eat her out, making her gasp and cum hard, before they sink to the floor, and fuck each other face to face, intertwined. Seized by passion, he pushes her up against the alley wall one more time, fucking her from behind, and coming into her in an intense climax, Their breathing slows, and they have just enough time to gather their discarded clothes… before she walks away, leaving him with one last naughty gift. Who says doing the laundry always has to be a bore?