Tell Me What You Like

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 38.17

Performers : Kendra Cole, Isiah Maxwell


A hypnotic dream-space where one woman fantasizes about her ideal lover… and then brings him to life. Kendra Cole and Isiah Maxwell star in this deeply sensual, romantic and intensely connected film, with VO narration by our very own Inka Winter. With luxurious, slow foreplay and worshipful oral sex from both sides, Cole and Maxwell take their sweet time turning up the heat, and listening to each other’s minds and bodies, before Isiah enters Kendra to the sounds of her helpless whimpers of pleasure. Gentle and leisurely variations of man on top, and Kendra on her back, are followed by her taking her turn at controlling the action on top and riding Isiah’s beautiful body as he holds his hands on her hips and traces shapes on her skin. “Let me turn around so you can hold me, as you spoon me and fuck me” murmurs our narrator, as we witness the firm tenderness with which Isiah thrusts into Kendra, eliciting more moans and multiple orgasms. Finally, he spills his cum on her tattooed thigh, before a mindful, ecstatic aftercare session brings us back down from the brink. A deeply sensual celebration of those partners who pay such close attention, it feels like they’re reading your mind… and of those moments when sex is so connected, it feels spiritual.