Tantric Mornings

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 41:43

Performers : Bonnie Good, Tripp Empire


The second in ForPlay Films’ Erotic Mindfulness series, real-life couple Bonnie B Good and Tripp Empire engage in a deeply romantic, sensual, tantric-inspired couples meditation. Narrated by our very own Inka Winter, this film walks us through dropping into our minds, hearts and bodies, step by step, and accepting whatever feelings emerge without judgment. Mindfulness is a practice of awareness and acceptance, and letting go of expectations, that helps bring us each more into the moment. Bonnie and Tripp discover how much simple eye contact and goal-free sensory experimentation forge a connection that’s both physical and spiritual. They then progress to sharing mindful touch, taking turns tracing gentle patterns over each other’s bodies. Then, hearts open, they start removing each other’s clothes, revealing their naked bodies to each other’s loving gaze. Slowly, never rushing the process of discovery, their use their mouths and tongues to taste and feel each other; Bonnie rubs Tripp’s hardness through his pants, and leaves gentle kisses on his torso. He caresses her hair, and then reverently runs his fingers over her chest and pierced nipples, before removing her underwear and lavishing cunnilingus on her pussy. She tangles her fingers in his hair as he buries his face in her cunt, as she moans and squirms in pleasure. Eventually, she strips him of his pants, revealing his hard cock, and worshipfully pleasures him with her mouth and hands. Then she climbs on top of him, in a modified yab-yum position, and rides him as they hold each other. Playfully, he gets up and teases her entrance with his cock from behind, before flipping her onto her back and thrusting into her. Missionary, cowgirl, and spooning are punctuated with more oral sex as their tempo rises and their ecstasy grows, followed by a tender interlude where they just hold each other and kiss. Then a yoga-inflected doggy style, where Tripp stimulates Bonnie’s clit whilst fucking her from behind as she gasps in cresting pleasure. Finally, Bonnie uses her hand to stimulate Tripp to climax, as he spills his seed over her belly. A blissful, connected comedown ends the film, as the couple marvels at their connection, arousal, awareness and new discoveries together, in this gorgeous tantric morning.