Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 49.08

Performers : Dadi Iris, Mickey Mod


An elegant, enigmatic striptease in light and shadow. Dadi Iris teases her partner Mickey Mod, making him wait and watch as she slowly removes her white clothing. Once she invites him to join her, he’s allowed to worship her body, rimming her between her pristine ass cheeks as he fingers her cunt up against the wall. Then she graces him with her pussy and he orally services her, and then fingers her up against the white wall. As her knees start to buckle, she reaches for his hard cock, still encased in clothing. Now it’s her turn to push him up against the wall. Touching each other, kissing, she removes his clothing as they play with each other, before she sinks to her knees and lavishes oral on his hard cock. She gets herself completely naked, shimmying out of her last pieces of clothing, using her hands and mouths on his head and shaft. Helping her rise, they grind and rub against each other in some hot, slick frottage, as Mickey plays with Dadi’s vulva and then her anus. All warmed up, they find a table nearby, and Dadi opens her legs, welcoming Mickey in. They fuck each other, slow and steady, rising in intensity, till she stands and leans against a pipe and he fucks her from behind. Holding her close, her arms pinned between them, he thrusts into her, and they start to melt together. Ready for more, they move into the bedroom, where he lays her down and takes his time fingering her and going down on her with immense care and respect. She covers her mouth, and her body spasms with shocks of orgasmic pleasure, as he doesn’t let up. Then she takes his cock in her mouth, making it wet with her spit, before he thrusts into her mouth, almost straddling her from above. Things take a turn when Mickey reaches for a ball gag, and Dadi opens her mouth willingly to receive it. He bends her knees and fucks her deeply, bending her almost in half as she grips her ankles and he covers her gag. Once the ball gag comes off, a series of positions, with Dadi back on top, then being spooned by Mickey, then fucking face to face sitting on him, finally culminating in some hot oral-fueled mutual masturbation which has Mickey spurting his come as Dadi reverently looks on, tasting his semen, and taking his magnificent cock in her mouth just after he orgasms. Finally, they sprawl out together on the white sheets and fall asleep.