Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 50:07

Performers : Dillon Diaz, Jake Waters


An expansion of ForPlay Films’ repertoire, and a gift to our many viewers – especially ⅓ of straight women – who watch gay male porn. Real-life married couple Dillon Diaz and Jake Waters give us an intimate glimpse into their daily life, full of love, tenderness… and hot, hot sex. With serious daddy vibes Dillon Diaz says goodbye to his sleepy, still-in-bed boo, Jake Waters… only to get lured into a very extended goodbye when Jake kisses him and murmurs “just stay”. With deep kisses and his hand cradling Jake’s head and throat, Dillon acquiesces, stripping off his business shirt and unbuckling his leather belt. Jake tweaks his own hard nipples as Dillon caresses his body, paying particular attention to his tight, round ass. Exchanging “I love yous”, they shimmy Jake out of his red underwear, revealing his erection in all its glory, as Dillon takes a moment to inhale his scent. More kissing, as they remove more layers, and Jake settles face-down on the bed. Dillon gets him ready for more action by worshiping his ass, with lavish, face-burying analingus, licking up and down his crevice and burying his tongue in his clean-as-a-whistle ass-hole. Dillon kisses Jake’s cheeks, strokes his back, and removes his pants with Jake’s gentle help. Then he welcomes Jake’s face and eager mouth to his own hard-on, gathering him in. They take time to kiss in missionary, teasing and stroking one another as the storm rages outside… before Dillon flips Jake onto his back and takes charge. They take turns playing with their nipples, before Dillon kisses his way down Jake’s tattooed torso and gives him a slow, loving blow job. Giving head like the pro he is, Dillon commands Jake’s gaze, and the two lovers intertwine their fingers. Letting the head of Jake’s hard dick pop out of his mouth, Dillon takes his boo in with his eyes, and then flips Jake’s legs over his head – to give Dillon free access to his increasingly eager asshole. Licking his lover from ass to balls, knowing he’s almost ready, Dillon allows his wet cock to slide along Jake’s crease, teasing him with its hardness. Then, when it’s time, Dillon reaches over for the lube, and gets them both sopping slick and wet. Using his hand he masturbates them both, cock-by-cock, feeling the slippery lube cover their hard dicks, throbbing in anticipation. Jake tweaks his nipples, knowing what’s coming, as their dicks get harder and harder, side-by-side. But even then, Dillon takes his sweet time – diving in for one more round of analingus, he uses his tongue to test Jake’s readiness, then pours an extra dose of lube onto his asshole – just to make sure. Then – it’s time. A slow steady penetration leaves Jake gasping as he feels Dillon slip the head of his cock past his anal ring. Pulling his knees to his chest to open himself up, he takes it like the good bottom he is, with soft moans of encouragement as Dillon carefully picks up the pace. Finally bottoming out, the lovers stay in perfect sync, Dillon watching carefully as he stretches Jake to his delicious limits. Picking up speed, knowing Jake can take it, Dillon starts fucking him hard, his thighs slapping loudly against his ass. He holds him down, by the chest, by the throat, by his folded thighs. Jake’s rising moans encourage Dillon to take him even faster and harder – and their intertwined fingers and hands tell the story of how connected they are. And interlude for kissing, and more lube – and then it’s Dillon’s turn to be on his back. Getting fingered in his ass while jerking himself off, he readies himself for Jake… who slides Dillon’s hard cock into his own ass in a gay Cowboy position. Checking in with each other with sweet smiles, Jake rides Dillon sensually, his cock rubbing against Dillon’s abdomen. They gaze into each others’ eyes as Jake varies the tempo and speed, making his lover moan. Then, punctuated by a few kisses, he clambers off, and presents his ass on his hands and knees – ready for a session of doggy-style anal. Dillon takes the time to massage his willing bottom,, soothing and relaxing him, before penetrating him again from behind. Knowing Jake is all warmed up and stretched out, he can go harder sooner, and takes advantage – before slowing down and covering him with his body, and giving him some long, slow strokes that make him bliss out and beg for more. An interlude for recovery, more lube, and a hand-job – then it’s Dillon’s turn to bottom. Dillon jerks himself off while taking Jake’s hard cock in his muscular ass, smiling in contentment and sweet pleasure. Turning to kiss each other, they masturbate together, then Dillon jerks himself to orgasm as Jake gently cups his balls. Finally, it’s Jake’s turn to come – surrendering to Dillon’s strong hands on his cock, he lays back and plays with his nipples, and disappears into trust and sensations… until he comes in a creamy spurt over himself. Spent, sticky, and exhausted, they smile together… With not a single regret for making Dillon late for work.