Special Guest Star – Part 2

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 35:59

Performers : Dadi Iris, Dillon Diaz, Leo Vice


Part two of “Special Guest Star”, a full-length feature about the hot-wife fantasy… also known as consensual cuckolding.

Aspiring “Hot Wife” Dadi picks through her myriad of choices on her hookup app, sharing the options with voyeur/wannabe-cuck (and loving partner) Dillon Diaz. After narrowing down the shortlist, the couple decides to meet their prospective Bulls in-person. They rapidly realize that only one meets their needs for self-awareness, communication, and safety. He’s also hot as hell, so – win!

Oliver (Leo Vice) says yes to a romantic three-way champagne date the following Friday. Exchanging their test results (safety first!) Dadi invites him to unzip her dress. Voyeur Dillon leans into his consenting cuck role and leans back in a chair to watch. Dadi lets her dress fall to the floor, revealing her high-waisted lingerie and elaborate tattoos. She takes a moment to direct Dillon to take off her shoes for her – just a whisper of power dynamics to start them off. Then Dadi climbs on top of the willing Oliver, and they make out with each other. Oliver cups Dadi’s ample ass, and kisses her nipples as her bra falls away.

As things heat up, Dadi looks at her partner seated at a distance – and directs him to take off his shirt. Obediently, he does so, and starts to rub himself through his jeans. Dadi embraces her power as she pushes Oliver down on the bed, and we get to enjoy her bounteous ass covered in lace, before Leo helps her peel her panties away. Now naked, the Hot Wife and Bull continue to kiss, and Dadi sneaks a peak at her turned-on partner in his chair… who’s rapidly getting naked himself.

Upping the ante, Dadi starts to go down on Oliver’s hard cock, sucking it gently and moaning in appreciation. He licks his hand and strokes her folds before pulling her pussy over his face to eat her out in a 69.  Dadi keeps moaning in enjoyment, and Dillon takes her in while stroking his own hard cock. Ready for more, Dadi makes a decision. Straddling Oliver’s crotch, she lowers herself onto his hardness, and shudders as he enters her. Riding him in the cowgirl position, she bounces and grinds, whimpering with the sensations. The muscular Dillon keeps jerking himself off, drinking in his partner’s pleasure with this other man, as they fuck right in front of him. Dadi meets Dillon’s eyes as she gasps, with Oliver’s cock buried in between her thighs.

Switching things up, it’s Oliver’s turn to be the top. Dadi lays down and twists her legs to the side, and Oliver starts fucking her from behind. Steady and firm, he has her moaning encouragement, all as her cuck lover watches his hot wife from afar. Then they fuck doggy-style, so Dillon can see her face as she gets her hair pulled and gasps in pleasure. She begs for more as Oliver fucks her and holds her hands behind her back. She comes hard on his cock, but neither of them are done yet. Leo keeps going, the sounds of their bodies slapping together as he fucks this hot wife hard into another doggy-style orgasm. Quivering with pleasure, she reaches out and touches her lover, who’s gazing at them in horny adoration.

With that loving reassurance and connection, they keep going – Dillon’s masturbation picks up as Leo plows the gasping Dadi into further orgasmic oblivion and a number of “Oh my gods!”. Putting her feet on his shoulders, he plunges deep into her, right in front of the watching Dillon. She strokes his naked thigh as she quivers with her Bull’s cock ramming into her, and intertwines her fingers with her primary lover’s hand. Her Bull jerks off to completion over her creamy belly, leaving trails of cum over her pubic hair. Reverent, Oliver kisses her body, deeply grateful to have been allowed to serve as this loving couple’s Bull.

Tender, considerate, and super hot, they end in a three-way tangle of naked limbs and affection, checking in, and already planning for the next time… A romance for the modern age, and a celebration of communication, care, and desire.