Play With Me

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 45.14

Performers : Valeria R, Dennis Nzi


A loving couple with experience in kink open up their world to us, in this moving foray into intermediate BDSM-in-practice. We start with a vulnerable, powerful discussion of not only what they want to play with, but what the philosophy and practice of kink and BDSM means to each of them emotionally. Boundaries, toys, wants, hopes, limits and safe words are all discussed over a single glass of wine as they build their connection and ramp up the delicious anticipation of everything that’s to come. Then, when both feel safe and ready, they move into their headspaces together – He, Dennis Nzi, a Dominant with a touch of sadist, in total control; she, Valeria R, a sub with the sweetest streak of brat. He collars her, cuffs her, spanks her, makes her squirm with drops of hot wax, and then goes down on her to mix her pain and pleasure. Then rope comes out to bind her wrists, and he teases her clit with his fingers. Soon, he releases her from her bondage, and offers her his cock, which she lavishes attention on with her mouth and hands. When he’s ready to claim her, he teases her vulva with his hard cock, and then penetrates her. Lots of hard fucking follows, making her cry out and gasp in orgasm, as he takes her on top and behind, with a spank or two sprinkled in, before he dives between her adorable butt cheeks and takes her to new heights with some analingus and cunnilingus. Then, in total control, with a hand at her collared throat, he pulls out her favorite vibrator and makes her come hard for him one more time. Eventually, totally satiated, the couple return to earth, with tender cuddles and reassuring embraces in several minutes of aftercare, where we leave them to their privacy, and many caring, communicative future adventures to come.