On Beat

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 45.54

Performers : Penelope Reed, Chad Alva


Step back into the 90s with cassette tapes, emo and grunge, as these two sweet-and-sincere alternative kids get ready for a date…. Ahem, music lesson. They each take their time bopping in their own space and enjoying their own reflections, picking out the Perfect outfit to impress their crush. Eventually, he comes over with his bass to teach her alllll about fingering, picks, frets and rhythm. Sweet, super respectful, both aching for more, they experience a great little lesson in basic bass playing, before the sparks overcome them and they put the instrument aside in favor of playing with each other. They make out like teenagers for a while, before he lifts her dress over her breasts and tongues her nipples. Then he slides down her body and explores her vulva with his mouth, leaving her gasping. He uses his musician’s fingers and skilled and patient mouth to get her off and make her arch her back and cry out. Then she returns the gift with a deliriously enthusiastic blow job, using her spit and her hands to show him how much she appreciates his tenderness as well as his hard cock. Then she climbs on top and rides him, until he turns her over and fucks her on her back, as she begs for more. Shirt still caught around her shoulders, they transition to doggy style, which leaves her blissed out with sensation and multiple orgasms, her eyes rolled back in her head. A sweet interlude of mutual touching, teasing and masturbation lets them both catch their breath before they go in for more. Woman-on-top follows, and then he fucks her sideways, before he takes her again on her back, with hot and tender murmurs keeping them totally locked in and connected. Finally, eventually, he comes on her belly and she lovingly strokes him off. A first time with real sparks, connection, rhythm, and music.