Of Love And Longing

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 46.37

Performers : Dadi Iris, Mickey Mod


Dadi Iris and Mickey Mod return in this jazzy play on sensuality and sex. Mickey is a pianist with expert fingers as Dadi looks on in admiring desire. Slowly they move from the piano to each other, as Dadi embraces their femme side and allows Mickey to peel off her outer layers. He plays her like an instrument, circling her pierced nipples with his fingers, stroking her vulva over her mesh underwear to gently tease her into arousal, before dipping his expert hands under their panties and fingering them to multiple climaxes. Still fully clothed, he sees how many times he can get Dadi to shudder to orgasm on his lap, as he kisses her neck and teases her breasts with his tongue. Then, Dadi leads him to another room, and runs his hard cock over his pants. He holds her firmly by the neck as she pants in desire and he fingers her through the slit in her lingerie. Straddling him, Dadi rubs their pussy over his face, getting him to eat her out. Then she returns the gift of oral, getting on her knees to take his cock deep into her mouth. Holding each other by the neck, they both use their hands in mutual masturbation as Dadi moans in delight. Analingus as the stiletto heels come off (but stockings and panties stay on) before Mickey slides on a condom and pushes inside Dadi’s aroused cunt. He fucks her from behind, slowly and firmly, hitting her G spot and making her gasp. Then Dadi rides him, panties still pulled aside. For a counterpoint to their sexual improvisation, they pull out a magic wand, vibrating their clit as they sit on Mickey’s cock. After a series of climaxes, he flips her over and lays her down to fuck her some more, before they engage in some sensual spooning, holding her throat just the way she likes.
Finally, Dadi pulls away, and Mickey removes his condom – together they hold each other and play with themselves as they masturbate to simultaneous orgasm. A beautiful coda to a sensual song, all about love, sex, and longing.