Murder Mystery – PART 1

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 19:11

Performers : Aria Carson, Sabina Rouge, Jenna Foxx, Nathan Bronson, Eric John, Rod Jackson


A tongue-in-cheek (and other places!) homage to Noir and everyone’s favorite Murder Mysteries. Think Knives Out or Clue… with lots of hot sex, “killer” retro style, and the world’s most self-aware wise-cracking’ narrator-guy. Simply the bee’s fucking knees.

In part 1, watch Aria Carson (with the cutest of braces) as a coquettish French Maid with big dreams, as she’s surprised at work by her powerful boss, Nathan Bronson. A brief rimming gets her hot and wet, before she’s bent over the piano, and taken from behind, where a hard pounding has her eyes rolling back in her head from pleasure. As she comes, Bronson can’t help but flip her over for more, lifting her skirt and her stockinged legs to take her hard on a table. Cunnilingus and girl-on-top rounds out the slightly-taboo quick fuck, before Bronson comes in the cleft of Aria’s creamy ass. Public sex, power-dynamics, and the threat of being caught, have never been quite so delicious!

For more, wander over to Part 2, where the ladies take center stage for some steamy lesbian action, and the mystery finally gets solved!