Modern Love

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 26.57

Performers : Mi Ha Doan, Robby Echo


Hipster romance in sunny So-Cal – as a skater pulls out all the tricks to catch the eye of an artsy, inked-up special someone. Flirtation becomes a first date, and then a sweet summer romance, until Mi Ha Doan invites Robby Echo back to her place for a more intense getting-to-know-you session. Clothes come off fast, and expose Doan’s beautiful ink, as Echo peels the G-string off Doan’s gorgeous ass. Both naughty and very, very nice, Echo takes his time with Doan, making her whimper and quiver as he holds her close, fingering her with one hand as he delicately stimulates her anus with another. Only then does he turn her over and enter her from behind, holding her firmly as he spoons her and thrusts into her. Keeping her wanting, he goes down on her and eats her out with rocking enthusiasm, as she moans helplessly and even giggles in her waves of pleasure and multiple orgasms. Then, legs bent, she takes him on her back, as he strokes her face and hair and kisses her deeply, occasionally sucking her pretty toes and feet. More kissing and connection as they journey through girl on top, and then doggy-style, before a reverse-cowgirl has Doan squealing with delight as they both moan through simultaneous crests of pleasure. But they’re not done yet – a final session of doggy-style has Doan on the brink, until she comes, and Echo spills his creamy cum over the skin of her ass and back. A tender and considerate clean-up punctuated with kisses promises that this relationship is going somewhere… or is it?