Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 47.44

Performers : Bonni B Good, Tripp Empire


A layered visual dream with performers Bonni B Good and Tripp Empire with an emphasis on a slow build, edging, and male orgasm denial. We’re graced, first, with a techno-voyeur striptease by Bonni, with close-up projections playing across their body and the room. Soon, she’s joined by real-life partner Tripp, and we – and the cameras – watch as these two lovers explore each other with playful care. Slowly, luxuriously, with gentle, clear communication, they engage in unrushed, relaxed foreplay. They start by licking and kissing each others’ chests, with particular attention paid to Bonni’s pierced nipples. Then Tripp applies a delicate drop of lube to Boni’s pierced clit hood, before he goes down on her, taking his sweet time. Then it’s his turn to be orally explored. She licks up and down his shaft, then bobs on his cock as he tenderly holds her hair. She relishes in taking her time, having him sprawl out and then stand upright, as she murmurs about controlling his orgasms. Then she pulls out a hitachi magic wand, and experiments with using it on his cock head as she continues going down on him with her mouth and her hands. More toys come out as she uses a small vibe between their bodies, stimulating both of them as she straddles him. Slowly, gently, she eases her inside him, and rocks oh-so-slowly on top as she calls her an angel. We get to experience two different angles on the action as she bounces more vigorously on his cock, before they return to more sensual kissing and teasing. He retrieves the magic wand and gives her a leisurely massage, before eventually easing his cock into her from behind. They transition through a number of positions with him behind her, including spooning, and doggy, which lets her stimulate herself with the wand. Then she lays him down and resumes edging him, promising “this is going to blow your mind” as she squeezes drops of lube on his cock and starts vibing his frenulum. “Show me where it feels good”, she says, smiling, before practicing yet more orgasm denial with a gentle “not yet.” Eventually – and right on cue – she allows him to come in a spurting orgasm of creamy cum, all over his belly. Some sweet aftercare, and she walks away, leaving him totally sated, beneath the projected image of his own satisfaction.