Mindful Pleasure

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 43.50

Performers : Daisy de la Montaña


The first in a ForPlay Film’s mindfulness and sexual healing series, this active-participation exploration of self-worth invites you to explore your relationship with your very own beautiful, vulnerable, unique body. Narrated by ForPlay Films’ founder, Inka Winter, and embodied by the beautifully vulnerable Daisy de la Montaña, this film walks through the gradual steps to non-judgmentally acknowledge whatever feelings you might have about your body, before embracing affirmation, appreciation, and self-love, in a guided meditation. The film then moves into a sensual self exploration, culminating (if you choose to do so) in healing masturbation. Full of compassion, this short film is a wonderful guided introduction to the concept of mindfulness, and how to apply it to your sense of self, and your sexuality.

“There is no right or wrong experience. Whatever you’re experiencing is perfect the way it is. Just notice.”

“You are perfect the way you are. You are beautiful. You are sensual. You are loved.”