Midnight Tryst

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 51:46

Performers : Siri Dahl, Dillon Diaz, Davin Strong


Queen of mischief Siri Dahl sneakily engineers a chance meeting between two new paramours – Davin Strong and Dillon Diaz – for a naughty MMF threesome surprise. These two muscular guys land on her doorstep at exactly the same stroke of midnight… and proceed to be presented with the unexpected opportunity of a lifetime. Did they want to stay and hang out… together? Like… three-way and naked together? Catching on, the adorably shy Davin consents despite the newness and his nervousness, and bisexual Dillon leans right in. The pixie-ish Siri invites both men to get comfy… and the menage-a-trois action begins. With mutual compliments, shared kisses, and giggles about glasses and thighs, Siri encourages everyone to take their pants off. Soon the two men start to tongue Siri’s pink nipples – one in each of their eager mouths. Then each takes turns kissing her deeply as Dillon and Siri magically strip out their clothes… as Davin hesitates just slightly behind with his collared shirt on. Then Siri coquettishly asks if they should all kiss… at the same time? Eager to please (and to be pleased?) first-timer Davin consents, and Dillon joins in eagerly. The two men experience their first man-on-man make-out session, before a delighted Siri joins the trio. They kiss and caress each other before giggling about their bounteous asses, and then settle into a Siri sandwich, with the two muscular bears on either side. They rub her clit through her panties, squeeze her breasts, kiss her neck, and stroke her skin, as she revels in the three-way attention. Then, hungrily, she nestles down in between their kneeling, muscular legs to lavish attention on the two hard cocks presenting themselves to her. As she licks and sucks their cocks, giving a dual blow-job, the two men make out above her, moaning and holding each other for support. Then, considerately, they lick they fingers and start stimulating Siri’s eager cunt. They finger her wet pussy, stroking it, finally shucking off her sopping wet panties. Then they reposition themselves, with Dillon’s cock in Siri’s eager mouth, as Davin explores her gorgeous ass. Dillon helps spread Siri’s ample cheeks, and Davin buries his face between them, eating out Siri’s ass and pussy as Siri keeps fellating Dillon’s cock. Then Siri gets flipped over onto her back for some luscious cunnilingus. After a while, our sex-pixie makes yet another cheeky suggestion – would Davin like to try tasting Dillon’s cock? Still endearingly surprised, but increasingly excited, Davin is down… in more ways than one. With Siri’s encouragement, he takes Dillon’s hard cock in his mouth for his first man-on-man blow-job, making Dillon moan in ecstasy. Surprise – he’s a natural! Siri joins in to give some attention to Dillon’s shaft and balls, as Davin manages a deep-throat on his very first try. Siri takes over for a while, bobbing on Dillon’s cock, as the two men kiss, and Siri fondles both of their cocks. Then it’s time for safety – one condom for each hard cock! A three-way makeout session in a tangle of bodies, then both men converge upon Siri’s juicy ass, to eat it out and kiss it all over. Then, with Davin’s gentle guidance, Dillon slides his cock into Siri. Davin holds her close and kisses her and Dillon fucks her from behind, doggy style. The two men make out as Siri bounces back against Dillon’s hard on and quivers in pleasure. Then she flips on her back and Davin asks permission to fuck her, too. Face to face, he slides in, and then fucks her hard, leaning on his muscular arms. Then Dillon dives in and tastes her juices fresh on his cock, before guiding his dick back into Siri’s cunt. Then getting in on the action in a whole new way, Dillon straddles Siri, and presents his erection to Davin’s mouth. Davin sucks his cock and fucks Siri’s pussy, as Siri squeals her appreciation, pulling out a Magic Wand vibrator. She screams her pleasure as she comes twice or three times on Davin’s cock. Then, as they catch their breath, Siri has yet another naughty idea – she wants to try two cocks in one pussy – at the same time! It’s an MMF threesome dream! Admitting this is new even for her, the three giggling lovers maneuver themselves into sweaty position. Siri climbs on top of Davin in a leaned-over cowgirl, and then Dillon enters her from behind. Immediately overcome with sensation, Siri’s eyes roll back in her head. Her breasts jiggling in Davin’s face, her nipples get sucked and licked while Dillon thrusts into her, in a tight threesome sandwich. Playfully eager to expand their collective horizons, they try another position to try and bring the magic wand into the proceedings. Successfully fucking her together, Davin underneath and Dillon on top, Siri screams a major orgasm and then dissolves into giggles… before going in for more. Getting fucked by one or both, but always held and surrounded by man-meat, she shudders in multiple ecstatic orgasms as the men moan around her but hold their own. Grateful, proud, and utterly insatiable, she goes in with her hands and mouth to show her appreciation to their cocks. Then Davin begs Siri to sit on his face. She eagerly obliges, and then goes to town on the two cocks from that whole new angle, with getting eaten out herself. Then Dillon offers up his cheeks and the ass-eating commences. Making Dillon moan, punctuating her sucks and licks with a few spanks, Siri invites Davin to a front-row seats as she “devours the booty”, and Davin gets in there with a few tugs and strokes of his own. Then he offers up his own muscular expanse of ass to Siri’s voracious attention. An analingus caterpillar takes shape as they form a beautiful ass-eating train, with some pussy-fingering and fellatio thrown into the mix for good measure. Eventually wanting to ride the hard cocks around her, Siri climbs on top of Davin, and takes Dillon’s dick in her mouth as she rides cowgirl. Ready for a last series of multiple orgasms, she gets firmly fucked by Davin as Dillon masturbates to orgasm on her face, spilling his semen into her mouth… only to get it promptly kissed away by Davin. Davin then fucks her hard and fast as she uses the wand on her clit, and they come simultaneously in a fierce quivering “holy fuck” super-climax before collapsing in a cuddle puddle of giggles and kisses. Full of endorphins and mutual admiration, they congratulate each other and marvel at their shared prowess… and how  the incredible experience turned the straight Davin very bi! And promise to get on a group text chain for the next time.