Ménage à Quatre

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 52:15

Performers : Nolina Nyx, Anastasia Kitten, Hoss Kado, Steve Rickz


We’ve all heard of threesomes, and we love ourselves a good ménage à trois – but what happens when you up the ante and add a fourth person to an already-hot mix? A sexy, sensitive foursome orgy, that’s what. Watch as four thoughtful, consent-oriented, and incredibly hot sexual beings talk about their needs, desires, and boundaries, before getting frisky in all sorts of experimental combinations. Proof that negotiation and safety discussions can be foreplay in-and-of-itself, especially when paired with careful caresses and deep consideration. Come be a welcome voyeur to Nolina Nyx’s very first four-way, “Omnisexual Omega Man” Hoss Kado’s first quad with women, Anastasia Kitten’s second, with foursome veteran Steve Rickz rounding out the group. Kisses and nuzzling lead to pairing-off and switching, as the boys warm each other up whilst Anastasia sucks on Nolina’s nipple. Clothing rapidly gets shucked off, and Steve dives into Anastasia’s ass to give her a glorious rim-job, as she and Hoss lean over the prone Nolina, bathing her with kisses and teasing her breasts. Then the quad switches it up, with Hoss going down avidly on Anastasia’s cunt, whilst Steve starts penetrating Nolina with some light slaps. The women squirm in ecstasy as the men lavish them with attention, hearing each other cry out, at mere fingertips’-reach. Then positions switch but partners stay the same, as Anastasia’s ass gets eaten out by Hoss, and Nolina climbs on top of Steve’s hard cock and rides him enthusiastically in cowgirl. A quick reconfiguration, and a chain of sexual stimulation begins – Hoss enjoys a blowjob from Nolina, whose ass and pussy are right in Anastasia’s reach – whilst she enjoys some doggy-style with Steve lined up behind her. Soon the ladies take charge and ride the gentlemen in cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl, throwing in some yummy lotus-position to up the intense connections being formed. But it’s not long before the boys turn the tables once again, and gently flip their partners on their backs for some deep and rhythmic fucking. They don’t miss an opportunity to make out with each other, either, even as their hard cocks are thrusting into Nolina and Anastasia’s pussies. A quick verbal check-in and then it’s Steve’s turn to be the center of attention, as the women orally minister to his dick and his ass, with a blow-job and rim-job combo that leaves him gasping, as Hoss makes sure Anastasia is being stimulated from behind, with his fingers and his mouth. More cunnilingus and intense fucking, before Hoss’s dick gets center-stage, with both Nolina and Anastasia giving him a simultaneous blow-job working his balls and his shaft in turn, as Steve fucks Anastasia from behind. Then even he gets in on the action, taking Hoss in his mouth whilst his cock is buried deep in Anastasia’s cunt. Nolina sensually makes out with Hoss, using her hand to tease him gently. More fucking follows, and then, organically, an elaborate eiffel-tower comes to beautiful existence; Nolina on her back, fucked by Hoss, her face buried in Anastasia’s cunt, with Steve standing proudly astride having his cock sucked by the vigorous Hoss. Soon Anastasia also pulls double-duty, turning around to get access to Steve’s ass, to give him a rim job at the same time. When the eiffel tower falls, it’s a chance for the men to worship the women’s pussies with some enthusiastic cunnilingus, and some 69-ing. More fucking-and-sucking side-by-side, with some requested choking, and plenty of making out. Finally ready to bring things to a close, Hoss comes with a hand-job all over Anastasia’s chest, and Steve comes with a final blow-job in Nolina’s waiting mouth. The come-down is a tired, and oh-so-satisfied tangle of limbs and kisses and sensuality, a shared experience none of the four is ever likely to forget.