Mating Rituals

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 43:15

Performers : Nicole Kitt, Jonte


Celebrating our very first ForPlay Films romance (they first met on an Inka Winter set!), this passionate enemies-to-lovers fantasy springs straight from the heart of Nicole herself. Wanting to celebrate her heritage, and also her passionate real-life marriage with Jonte, Nicole imagined the contrast of a primal, tribal subconscious “mating ritual” and the just-as-vicious courtship that can happen in a hotel bar. As the two versions of their characters size each other up and take each other down – whether physically or verbally – they also find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other. Tension and chemistry rise as these natural enemies test each others’ wits and strength, both at the bar and in the primal desert. Finally the battle comes to a climax – and something changes. Once Jonte is vanquished, they each show their softer sides… and really give each other a chance to get close. Expressing the truth of their passions, their primal selves cling to each other in the wilderness. Their making out is wild and fierce, expressed in deep kisses, love-bites and firm grips. Slowly, Jonte peels off Nicole’s last layer as if claiming a surrender. Then they kiss, inhaling each other, and tasting each other. Finally he penetrates her, pinning her beneath him as their bodies move in synchrony. He fucks her desperate with need, as she wraps her legs hungrily around him. Then he pauses. Keeping her on the edge, Jonte devours Nicole’s pussy with voracious cunnilingus. She arches her back and cries out in rising arousal as he moans with pleasure at her taste. Cradling her ass, he sucks on her clit and tongues her cunt as she bucks her hips wildly, feeling the sensations wash over her. Already moaning helplessly, and digging her toes into the sand, she’s left gasping by his oral talents. Then, seeing his magnificently curved hard-on, she climbs on top of him, and he spears her with his manhood, taking her whole weight in his muscular arms as she rides his cock. They make out furiously, tenderly, as they fuck each other. Then they turn over, and Nicole takes charge, woman on top, with a primal cowgirl that leaves Jonte gasping. They’re both almost vibrating from passion and exertion, rutting against each other. Then Jonte turns Nicole onto her side, and spoons her, fucking her from behind as he rubs her clit with his fingers, making her eyes roll back in her head. A brief reprieve as Jonte carefully rearranges their blanket – a gesture of sweet care for his hard-won mate – and Nicole presents her ass to him, shyly, suggestively. He takes the hint and takes charge, caressing her taut body as it stretches against him. Bending her over, he takes her doggy-style, slowly, letting her ease into it, teasing her, claiming her. Laying her down he covers her with his strong form, cradles her tenderly. Faster, stronger, he fucks her more steadily, enveloping her body with his. As they both start to moan in unison, she flips over to kiss him better, and they start some intertwined and passionate missionary. Jonte’s stamina and finesse has Nicole cresting towards climax…. But no-one comes yet. Experts at delayed gratification, Jonte holds down Nicole’s hands and gives her love bites on her lips and breasts… Then fast and hard he fucks her into ecstasy, as he finally releases, and he orgasms just a heartbeat or two afterwards. Blissfully connected, the two enemies are now wholly one – Passionately in-tune, and irrevocably linked. They kiss and gaze adoringly at each other in a long and precious wind-down… Until they come back to earth in their all-too-”civilized” real-life hotel bar. Breathless, intrigued, the two strangers say goodbye… until they perhaps have a chance to meet again, out in the urban wilderness.