Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 44:58

Performers : Marina Maree, Karla Lane


Sweet turns to spice and all things nice in this scintillating, sensual film celebrating curves and the divine feminine. Lesbian lovers Karla Lane and Marina Maree take their time adorning and anointing themselves for each other, framing their lush figures in exquisite lingerie. Marina Maree opts for an innocent, playful polka dot set, whilst Karla Lane embraces her dominant femme fatale in deep red. Finally meeting each other in a frothy, dimly-lit boudoir, they linger deliciously, kissing each other and awakening their senses. Karla Lane takes the lead as Marina giggles shyly, laying down and allowing Karla to reveal her nipple. Karla tongues it hungrily, giving Marina reassuring kisses as she starts kissing and stroking her vulva through her see-through panties. Finally stripping her willing sub of her underwear, Karla teases her, fluttering the lingerie in her face and letting her smell her own scent. Then Karla starts gently – but steadily – eating Marina out; licking, sucking and fingering her increasingly juicy cunt as Marina lays back, blissfully taking in the sensation.

Ready to move on, Karla decisively pulls Marina up to embrace her, feeling her subby lesbian lover surrender to her needs. Alternating scratches with caresses, Karla indulges in some sensation play, running a pink feather over Marina’s gorgeous skin. As Marina falls even further under Karla’s sensual spell, Karla undoes her bra, and then gives her a command she can’t resist – “Sit up right there – I want to admire every inch of you”, she says. Now completely naked, and totally vulnerable, Marina obeys, laying her full figure open to her lover’s ravenous – and tender – gaze. With Marina fully exposed, Karla kisses and sucks her breasts, and reverently strokes her clit and vulva, before pulling out her favorite starter toy – a small silver bullet vibrator. Using her spit as a lubricant, Karla teases Marina’s pussy, running the vibe up and down her slit, and then vigorously rubbing the vibe over her clit. She puts the vibe in her lover’s mouth, encouraging Marina to taste her own juices, before going in for more.

Then Karla decides it’s her turn – directing Marina to help her undress, she lays back like the duchess that she is, and presents her perfect stockinged leg to Marina. Worshipfully, Marina strokes her skin and the sheer fabric, kissing the muscles and curves, before using her mouth to strip the stocking away. Karla then turns over, guiding the obedient Marina to rub and massage her body, before she rises for another make-out session. Taking control, Karla lifts off her own burgundy negligee, revealing strappy lingerie, complete with powerful images of snakes. Reveling in her own curves, rubbing her breasts, she envelops Marina’s sweet face in her breasts, allowing her to kiss her cleavage, before directing her shy hand to her crotch, where she rubs the dominant Karla’s cunt through her sheer serpent-patterned panties. Guiding her eager-to-please young lover’s hand to exactly where she wants to be touched, Karla writhes and moans in growing pleasure. Marina Maree dips her fingers under Karla’s underwear, to her Dominant lover’s moistening cunt, and Karla rides her hand and the waves of pleasure. Overcome with desire, Karla removes her bra, and flings her head back, cradling Marina’s face to her chest. Almost reaching orgasm, she stops Marina’s manipulation, and puts her hand to her throat for a kiss, before adjusting their positions. Pulling Marina down to her, she lets her partner worship her lush body with her fingers, as she shudders in pleasure, letting Marina suck at her breasts. Coming deliciously, she sticks her tongue out to taste herself, and kisses her sweet subby lover in appreciation. 

Recovered from her orgasm, and ready to turn the tables, Karla lays Marina on her back and teases her with a silk scarf. Then she pulls out a large glass dildo, pushing it into her sweet submissive lover’s mouth to get it nice and wet. Then she guides Marina into exactly how to play with herself, as she strokes and teases her breasts. Marina obediently starts fucking herself with the dildo, thrusting it in and out of her pussy shallowly, as Karla whispers encouragement into her ear, and runs circles around her nipple. Wanting to get closer to the action, Karla takes the dildo from Marina’s hands, and leans over her pussy. Taking over the thrusting, she lets spit fall onto Marina’s vulva, then kisses her as she fucks her some more. Bringing her face down to Marina’s cunt, she starts licking and sucking her clit in exquisite cunnilingus as she continues fucking her with the toy. She watches Marina quiver and cry out as she vibrates her clit with her palm, and then, all-knowingly, murmurs “I told you I would choose you.” Helpless under Karla’s expert ministrations, Marina moans helplessly… but Karla’s control over her body has only just begun. Pulling out the silver vibe, Karla uses both toys on Marina’s juicy body, teasing her and tasting her, pulling her to the brink of orgasm and back again. Then turning her submissive lover onto her tummy, she teases her with more vibrating, and feather-light sensation play, as she finger-fucks her from behind. Ready to up the ante one more time, Karla pulls out yet another toy – a pink, curved, g-spot vibrator. “Lay down on your pillow,” she purrs.  “I wanna admire you when you cum”. Obediently, with a shy girlish giggle, Marina lays back and starts masturbating with the toy as Karla watches. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter as she plays with herself and the dildo, and Karla can’t help but join in, stimulating her with teasing touches and kisses, until Marina makes herself cum, and Karla licks up the juices. Going in for one last taste, Karla encourages Marina to taste herself one more time. What follows is a delicious, drawn-out come-down, with both lovers taking each other in, skin and lips and curves and eyes. Exploring, embracing, caressing, and expressing their mutual admiration and gratitude, they finally come to a rest in their lush, romantic boudoir, and fall asleep… until the next time.