Last Call

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 32.27

Performers : April Storm, Rico Hernandez


After-hours at a closed bar gets steamy as a rock-and-roll bartender gives her helpful friend the true VIP treatment. As she’s closing down, they indulge a little, taking advantage of the empty space and pool table to play a quick game. He wins more than he thinks, however, as their post-competition makeout gets hot and heavy fast. He lifts her onto the velvet table, hikes up her dress, and dives into her cunt, making her moan and writhe as he eats her out. Her nipples rising like bullets, she moves to him, and he immediately starts fucking her on the table. In a slight change of pace, he maneuvers her against the slot machine, bending her over and taking her from behind. She moans and cries out as he holds her throat and fucks her firmly. Then she eagerly gets on his knees and starts swallowing his cock in an expert blowjob. Looking up at him, smiling an oh-so-knowing smile, she moves to the red leather lounges, and keeps herself going with a handy bullet vibe. He takes a moment to go get a layer for her to lie on, and keep the couches clean, and she invites him to help her once again – this time, with her pussy! He diligently uses his fingers and vibe to explore her, and fingering her and playing with her clit, before she fumbles at his clothing, eager to get him naked again. Spooning her, he fucks her with her legs spread, before she climbs on top and straddles him. She rides him in several configurations, rocking her hips and grinding on his cock, before she tells him it’s his turn, and scoots onto her back. Spreading her legs and playing with her clit, she invites him in, and he thrusts into her, delivering true five-star service. Eventually, overcome, he pulls out and orgasms onto her tummy. Once again proving his care and consideration, he helps clean her up, and they cuddle briefly, before retrieving their cascade of discarded clothes. Who knew that closing down could mean opening up to so much damn fun?