Kaleidoscopic Explorations

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 33:19

Performers : Rory Knox, Nolina Nyx


A luminous lesbian exploration of pleasure and sensuality, centering mindfulness and being in-the-moment. Nolina Nyx and Rory Knox find themselves in a dreamy glass house splashed with sunlight and color… and no clothes whatsoever! But who needs clothes when you have each other? Without rushing, without words, they drink each other in, and touch each others’ skin… exploring hands, tattooed arms, varnished fingernails, and each other’s faces. They take their sweet time, massaging, rubbing each other down, opening their legs (and hearts) to one another. They lean against each other, and trail their fingers down each others’ bodies, embracing each others’ solidity and presence, and breathing together. A few kisses and the energy heightens in sexuality – Nolina nuzzles Rory’s neck, and clutches her breast, teasing her pierced nipples. Rory returns the favour, kneading and massaging Nolina’s chest and breasts. They press against each other, a sapphic embrace of comfort and sensuality, their pussies open to each others’ calves. Then with a slightly mischievous smile, Nolina pushes Rory down to the ground. She uses her mouth and tongue to explore every inch, starting with those tempting pierced nipples. Their bodies seem to melt together as they hold each other, before Nolina kisses her way down Rory’s torso. More piercings – a belly-button, and again adorning her pubis, just above her clit. Nolina lets her tongue explore and tease, landing gentle kisses and suction over Rory’s bare labia and clitoris. Languorously, with all the time in the world, she tongues Rory’s beautiful folds, encouraging Rori’s senses to awaken. Rory lays back and breathes, gasping a little as the intensity grows. Soon Nolina adds a finger, penetrating Rori in a come-hither motion that makes her bite her lip and gasp. Eventually, Rory rises, and takes her own turn to explore the ravishing Nolina. She kisses and strokes her inner thighs, before delicately moving to Nolina’s shaved pussy. Using her fingers – and those playfully painted nails – she teases Nolina’s whole lower area, awakening all her erogenous zones before using her own lips and tongue for cunnilingus. Fingering her vagina, using her thumb to rub against Nolina’s avid clit, Rory makes Nolina moan for more. Pushing down on Nolina’s writhing abdomen, she continues to eat her out as she bucks in pleasure and has a rolling orgasm. As she rises, they come together to kiss, tasting themselves on each others’ mouth as the glass house splashes them with rainbows. They kiss some more, reveling in an interlude of foreplay, before Rory lays down again for more cunnilingus – and Nolina ups the ante by pulling out an elaborate glass dildo. Going slow, she penetrates Rory, who’s aching with need and pleasure – steadily she fucks her with it, sucking on her pierced clit for good measure. Rory holds Nolina’s head to steady herself as she gasps and writhes in pleasure and moans her encouragement, before coming to a shuddering orgasm at Nolina’s expert hands. They kiss, and switch again. Rory’s turn to apply the glass dildo – but not before she licks it clean, and lubes it up with her own saliva. She goes slow and steady, angling the dildo just right, until Nolina crests blissfully again. Finally a sweet and cozy come-down. As the sunlight fades, and the colors dim, the two women hold each other; safe, content, and fulfilled. Ready to plan their next lazy lesbian adventure in the magical glass house.