Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 10.29

Performers : Jessica Ryan, Donavan Ray


What’s the password? Come join our heroine in this underground speakeasy straight from the Roaring 20s, where the cabaret and the cocktails flow freely, and secret liaisons spring to life. We start with a sensual striptease as the moonshine gets tossed back, and electric connections happen in the shadows. Who can blame Jessica Ryan and Donavan Ray for not waiting till they get home to take those gosh-darn clothes off (although the pearl necklace and garter belt stay on, of course!). The couple finds a mostly-hidden corner with their classic automobile, and get handsy turning each other on in the front seat. Somehow they manage to maneuver into position for him to take her from behind against the back windshield. She uses her hand to jerk his cock off a little more before straddling him and riding him face to face, her gorgeous breasts oh-so-easily accessible in the close quarters. She orgasms hard under his athletic attention, in the deliciously naughty confines of the car. Finally he takes her doggy style once more, until he comes inside her, and the couple melt into giggly post-coital snuggles in their slightly stickier car. Sometimes being naughty can be very, very nice.