Joie De Vivre

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 10.25

Performers : Liz Broadsword, Brad Bradford


Brad Bradford and Liz Broadsword get dramatically silly as they frolic with onesies, a pillow fight and eat-me socks. Feathers fly before clothes come off amidst clouds of slow-motion color and powdered paint. Then we get to feast on some sensual sploshing, as Brad and Liz play with their food, and each other. Think chocolate syrup, cake, and icing, as Liz herself gets eaten out. Then the couple gets wet as they fuck and suck with abandon amidst a foam party of suds and bubbles! The pair switches it up amidst the suds, including cowgirl, face-to-face, and from behind, with multiple (and varied!) orgasms on her part, until Bradford comes all over Liz’s back. A good reminder that we can all rediscover a little joie de vivre!