Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 39.12

Performers : Jada Kai, Jackie Knight


Trigger warning – body image and eating disorders.
A beautiful, driven figure skater confronts her own deep insecurities in the drive for perfection, and spills her heart and her tears in front of her friend in their shared locker-room. Listening, affirming, and holding space for her emotional needs suddenly sparks into something more, as a grateful kiss quickly turns deeper. She reaches for him, he cradles her face, and she shimmies out of her skating leotard in the ultimate act of vulnerability and trust. Gathering her close, treating her body and her heart with the precious care that it deserves, he lays her down on the bench, kisses his way down her body, and teases her clit and vulva with his mouth and tongue. “I want you,” she breathes, and he lifts her to sit astride him, cradling her ass as she rocks against his still-clothed crotch. He holds her tenderly as she grinds against him, her moans of desire rising. Wanting more, she helps him lift his shirt off his athletic arms, before he turns her around to hold her close while he plays with her clit. Their hands intertwine as he nibbles her earlobe, and she shows him exactly how she likes to be touched, to little gasps of pleasure. Overcome with need, she stands, and helps him take off his pants, then grasps his hard-on and guides herself onto him. Using the locker room bench as their bed, she rides him, and then takes him in her mouth, before they transition to standing, and a number of different positions, leaning up against the wall, lockers, or against the bench. Still penetrating her up against the wall of lockers, her legs spread like a gymnast, he takes the time to rub her just where she likes, and she comes, gasping in ecstasy, again and again. With a rush of emotion, she cries “I love you”, and he holds her, protectively cradling her petite breasts. Grateful and emotional, she goes down on him briefly, before he lifts her up and holding her entirely in the air, makes love with her wrapped around her hips. Then he lays her down on the bench, making sure to use their clothes as a pillow for her head, and makes love to her lying on her back. Flexible legs lifted high in their air, he thrusts into her, making her cry out, and then rubs her clit and bare pussy with his thumb, expertly coaxing an oh-my-god orgasmic release from her. More thrusting, until he pulls out, and comes with a moan of his own over her taut chest and tummy. All smiles, adoration, and totally emotionally released, they make out with deep new love and tenderness, as he wipes his come off her chest. A profound celebration of emotional and physical vulnerability and affirmation, and of taking care of each other.