Into The Wild

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 14.29

Performers : Protea, Sockie


A primal-poetic hunt through the woods, unleashing the animal and the mythical – A chase where the deer-like prey definitely doesn’t want to be caught… or does she? With just the faintest whisper of reluctance, our femme prey flees through the woods – until she’s captured by her masked and intimidating hunter and her own desire takes over. Clothes are ripped off, and she is carried away to be devoured, increasingly willing to be taken by her predator. Mutual masturbation on damp earth, followed by firm face-fucking as he straddles the deliciously overpowered prey, until he devours her for real with his mouth eating out her wet and vulnerable pussy. Lots of cunnilingus leaving her helplessly moaning and cumming hard, fellatio honoring his virile cock, and rough doggy style, before he spills his seed all over his claimed mate’s back. Ultimately, everyone gets what they want in post-coital aftercare, as he dotes over his exhausted prey… until the magic finally ends. The wild outdoors meets animal instincts and fantasy – sometimes it’s nice to be consumed.