Il Pleut

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 11.18

Performers : Phoenix Rae, Lila Alma


When making love becomes making art… In the pouring rain, no less. A fantasy of desire, gorgeous aesthetics and lesbian love. Tattooed femme redhead Phoenix Rae emerges like a vision in her pure white dress, and is joined by fiercely queer Lila Alma in a space between dream and reality. With immense care and sensuality, beneath the pouring rain, Lila Alma uncovers Phoenix Ra’s alabaster skin and elaborate tattoo, before reverently worshiping every inch of her skin. Then Phoenix Rae takes her turn and lays Lila Alma’s taut, toned body on the wet ground, sliding her white, translucent panties off her legs. Pink nipples against brown, smooth knee against grinding shaved pussy. Everything turns to liquid and curves as Lila Alma fingers Phoenix Ra’s waxed pussy as they kiss, before she slides down her body and gives her oral to her whimpers and moaned orgasms. Then it’s Lila Alma’s turn to surrender to Phoenix Ra’s oral ministrations, before they collapse together in a tangle of love and connection under the cool water. For the next time you daydream with the sound of rain outside.