I Want To Know You

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 39.34

Performers : Petra Blair, Brad Newman


A charmingly awkward first-date slowly warms up by the fire, as defenses drop and real connections are made. Petra Blair and Brad Newman go deep in more ways than one, creating a sapiosexual attraction question by question, answer by answer – a scene where foreplay is one’s mind and heart being seen before one’s body gets exposed. You’ll fall in love with Brad and Petra as they fall for each other in real-time, peeling back layer after layer of their true selves. Only once they both feel seen and known do small touches become kisses, and kisses become foreplay – with teasing, over-clothes rubbing, breast worship and nipple-play transitioning into Petra being totally naked as the clothed Newman gently tongues her clit and cunt, whilst stroking himself to hardness. Only after he’s taken his sweet time with her pleasure, and given Petra a soft release, does Newman reveal his own cock in all its glory – eliciting an extremely heartfelt “Oh my god” from Petra at his impressive size and gorgeous curve. She uses her mouth and hands to show her appreciation, as he strokes her skin, and tugs at her breasts – until she can’t resist it any more, and climbs on top of him, sinking down onto his hard shaft. They make love by firelight, as he spoons her tenderly, holding her and thrusting into her as she melts and helplessly moans her pleasure, coming deliciously, as he nibbles her ear, and simultaneously plays with her clit and her breasts. A series of organic position switches shows off the couple’s synergy, before an explosive “Oh My God” laden orgasm has Newman coming inside Petra in the open air. Finally, the aftercare has all the tenderness, wonder, and celebration of the discovery of true intimacy. Sincere, unrushed, and fully-present – if only all online matches led to being seen – and felt! – like this. Swipe right, indeed.