Haute Cuisine

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 25:59

Performers : Dadi Iris


Craving something sexy, sticky, and oh-so-sweet? Want to take your delicious time as a welcome voyeur, while an exhibitionist puts on a show, just for you? Sample this tasty solo masturbation scene, generously served up by Dadi Iris, in all their retro-femme-coquette splendor. With a mix of arch, self-aware food play, extended solo-foreplay, and then orgasmic self-love, Haute Cuisine is clearly a dish best served… hot. Looking directly into the camera, Dadi invites us to drink in their own enjoyment, and they touch and stroke and tease themselves all over. Punctuated with shots of them licking icing off cupcakes, dipping bananas in caramel, and sucking lollipops, anyone with an oral fixation, a relish for splooshing, a taste for mukbang, or a plain old food fetish will find heaven here. And this is a seven course meal – with slow waves of sensuality delivered as appetizers, Dadi takes their time teasing their nipples, their cunt, and their thighs through their retro-inspired clothing, whilst feasting their hungry mouth on treat after treat. Peeling themselves of their clothing ever so slowly, we’re invited to watch and savor every moment as they reveal their vulva under their 50’s skirt, before freeing their tattoos, pierced nipples and full breasts from beneath their silky lingerie. As they lick their lollipop with glossy lips and shining tongue, their self-love touches make their vulva slick and shiny too; they gently rub their clitoris in circles, before dipping their fingers into their vagina and tasting their own delicious juices. Transferring their fingers to outside of their labia minora, they rub up and down their vulva in exquisite and rising tension, quickening their tempo and fingering themselves as their pleasure crests and flows. Highly aroused, they go in with an expert two-handed masturbation technique, using two fingers on each hand to penetrate and spread their pussy open, exposing their most intimate and secret layers to us. Then it’s time to take it up a notch – ready for higher stimulation, Dadi reaches for a pink cock-shaped vibrator, fucking themselves with it as they rub their clit. Their moaning rises, and they experience a mini-climax before reaching for another toy; a slim silver bullet vibe, oh-so-cool against their hot wet cunt. With one vibe held against their clitoral hood, and the other toy penetrating them to the hilt, they moan and writhe, keeping their balance carefully in their stiletto heels, fucking themselves with abandon until they come hard with a delicious, rolling orgasm. Who needs dessert when the main course is this delectable? Dadi, that’s who – going in first for a yummy gummy worm, and then the vibrator one last time, Dadi leaves us wanting more as we leave their candy-coated self-love wonderland. Dadi Iris’ milkshake sure does bring all the boys, girls, and NB folks to the yard!