Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 30:31

Performers : Alison Rey, Ozzy Lusth


Just in time for the spooky season – A chemistry-filled fantasy starring Survivor’s Ozzie Lusth and the super-sensual Alison Rey. A soulful wanderer explores the southern-gothic canyons of Los Angeles, and stumbles upon a mysterious abandoned house. But is it quite as empty as it appears? Images of a beautiful woman flicker on the edges of his consciousness, teasing his senses… until she comes to full and vivid life. Whether angel, succubus, hologram or dream, she gazes intently at him and invites him to touch her. Is she real? Tracing the outlines of her body, he tests his own senses as his desire takes over. Abandoning himself to the moment, all danger forgotten, the two of them kiss as if they’ve known each other forever. She pulls him down to the divan, obliterating his last hesitations. Taking their time, they explore and squeeze and tease each other’s warm skin and taut flesh. Lusth lowers Rey’s white dress, exposing her breasts. Pulled into her sensuality, he kisses her curves, tonguing her nipples expertly as she arches her back for more. Then she raises her hips, allowing him to peel off her panties. He lowers his face to her pussy, gazing up at her as she guides his head to exactly where she wants it. Reverent, reveling in her taste, he sucks and licks her clit and labia in expert cunnilingus as she moans in pleasure. Then it’s her turn – her need growing, she pushes him sharply down, and unbuckles his belt and jeans. She unveils his growing hardness, and takes his cock hungrily into her mouth. Lavishing as much attention on his uncircumsized dick as he did on her own delicious body, she uses her hand and mouth expertly, pulling his foreskin and sucking on the head of his cock as he wets his fingers and stimulates her between her legs. Unable to wait any longer, she straddles him as they make out ferociously, their need sharp, and she maneuvers his cock into her wet opening. Her breath catches as she rides him in cowgirl, grinding against his pelvis and playing with her own clit as he grips her perfect ass. Kissing constantly she rides him faster, moaning as her breasts brush his face. Then he flips her over onto her back and drives the action. Thrusting into her slowly, he finds her depths as she wraps her legs around his waist and pulls him closer. They slow down and take their time, drinking each other in with kisses. Then the intensity rises – faster, he starts to fuck her, making her whimper and gasp. She holds his face and hair and he pulls her close by her hips. Insatiable for each other, they shift into a spooning position, letting Lusth fuck her from behind and hit just the right spot to make Rey roll her eyes back in her head. Sensing her pleasure, he rolls her onto her stomach in a modified doggy-style, so she’s at his mercy and exactly where he wants her. Fucking her fast and then slow, in a syncopated rhythm, he listens to her body as she moans in need. Kneeling up, he continues to fuck her from behind, his hands getting full access to her clit and breasts. With a low hum of lust and desire, Rey takes an interlude to go down on his glorious cock, as he leans back, all taut muscle and lean strength. They both enjoy her extended – and enthusiastic – fellatio, before they flip over and engage in more love-making. Missionary position lets them connect and gaze deeply into each other’s eyes, and make out in between their desperate moans. Sensing his closeness to orgasming, he pulls out, and they both use their hands to make him spill and come on her creamy belly. Then… reality flickers once again. Only one is left – whole, alive, and satiated… for now, at least. A super-sexy Halloween treat, that’s also a devious trick… and worth every moment. Perfect for those looking for an empowering take on the demon-succubus fantasy, or those who want to subvert their inner angels.