Game On

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 39:48

Performers : Jasmine Teaa, Leo Vice


An adorable gamer (Jasmine Teaa) gets a little extra play when her boo (Leo Vice) surprises her mid-gaming-session. As she sits on the couch, she suddenly starts to squirm in sweet distraction, and we discover that her controller isn’t the only thing between her legs! Leo’s secretly snuck in and started some surprise cunnilingus, much to Jasmine’s delight… but it takes some true quick-reflex expertise to pull her away from her console. Thankfully, Leo’s up to the challenge – game forgotten, she soon puts down the controller, and pulls him up from his oral sex session to kiss her. After some slow, deep making-out, as he keeps fingering her pussy, she lies back and lets him eat her out some more. Scooching her butt down so he can get easier access, he dives into her vulva enthusiastically, making her whimper and moan in pleasure. The pussy-eating continues as he joins her on the couch, before he lifts off his shirt to reveal his sculpted torso. More making out, before each shimmies out of more layers of clothing – her lush breasts, as he kisses her nipples, and then his pants, unveiling his gorgeous hard-on. Jasmine Teaa can’t resist – licking her lips, she envelops his cock in her mouth, sucking his joystick with relish. Meanwhile, Leo takes the opportunity to enjoy the perfect curve of her ass, and starts gently fingering her anus as she performs enthusiastic fellatio. Leaning back with a cheeky grin, he invites her to climb on top of him – and both get to the next level as she mounts him, straddling him as he sits on the couch. She rides his hard cock, moving her pelvis rhythmically to hit just the right spots. Both moaning, he grasps her hips as she grinds on top of him, bouncing faster as they rise in tempo. Shifting positions, she turns and faces away from him, sitting on his cock and whimpering in delight as he whispers appreciation to her. Her beautiful breasts bounce gently as she rides him. Then she takes control – using her body like an instrument of pleasure, she varies her rhythms and speeds to keep him guessing and on the brink. Then she climbs back onto the couch, and with an impish smile invites him in. Taking her from behind, he fucks her hard and fast doggy-style on the sofa, as their bodies become slick and shiny from their shared juices. Giggly, ready for more, they take a brief breather and spoon on the couch, and Leo plays with Jasmine’s cunt, and her nipples, as they kiss some more. Then, ready for another round, he thrusts into her from behind, kissing her gently as he fucks her steadily and makes her beg for more. Hand firmly around her throat, he makes her come hard again and again, as she moans “oh my god” in ecstasy. Sweaty, tired, these two gamers still aren’t ready to stop playing – she lies on top of him as he spanks her lovely butt, before she moves down his body and starts licking and sucking his hard-working cock. Eventually, hungry for more, she climbs on top of him and plays the role of cowgirl, riding him and smiling in delight as he stimulates her breasts and nipples. They hold each other tight as she cums. Then he goes in for more – laying her down, he expertly toys with her clit love-button, pressing all the right controls, before he folds her in half, puts her ankles about her ears, and fucks her fast and deep making her come again and again, before he finally pulls out and spills his seed all over her belly. Final boss vanquished together, they kiss and giggle and caress each other, as he considerately cleans her up… before they get back to her original game. A couple that plays together stays together… And this is a game where everyone wins!