A Fairytale

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 20:00

Performers : Vera King, Tyler Nixon


A dreamy update to the classic fairytale, with an extra dose of affirmative and enthusiastic consent. A sleeping princess is awakened in more ways than one, after she mentally draws her prince to her hidden forest abode. Gentle foreplay and delicate discovery is followed by the prince pulling out a series of crystal wands that he uses as the most magical of dildoes. Now come to full consciousness, the princess kisses her prince with abandon – until he pushes her down and devours her pink pussy amidst clouds of tulle. Enthusiastic cunnilingus makes her moan helplessly, with waves of growing desire, until she comes. Ready to reciprocate, she sits up, hungry to taste his cock in her own mouth. Rock hard and sticky with her saliva, he pulls off the remainder of his princely clothing, before she climbs on top of him and he sheathes himself in her softness. Clasping her ass cheeks, he thrusts into her, before she rides him hard, her petite breasts quivering as she bounces and rocks above him. Then, the couple transitions to spooning, and the prince thrusts into her sideways, eliciting an “oh my god, you’re so fucking deep” from our increasingly ravished princess. Flipped onto her belly, she presents herself to him, and he takes her from behind. Finally, with her princess legs up in the air, stockinged feet up over his shoulders, he well and truly fucks her for a grand finale, making her cry out in orgasm, before he lets his hard penis spill his semen all over her juicy, satisfied cunt. A last tease of her clit with his cock, gentle strokes and adoration to murmurs of satisfaction, and it’s sleeping time for both of these royal lovers, once again.