Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 35:16

Performers : Siri Dahl, Dante Cole


Two sweet – and smoking hot – introverts find each other at a house party, and discover a way to really connect far away from the crowds. Sipping on their adorably-innocent drinks, the two wallflowers turn small talk into big action, as the smoldering Dante Colle correctly reads their shared corner of the room and asks Siri Dahl if he can kiss her. Receiving an oh-so-enthusiastic yes, he leans in and a steamy makeout session starts… before the pair dip into the bathroom for some private one-on-one time. As they admire each others’ considerable assets, Dante lowers Siri’s red-hot dress and sucks on her tiny, perfect nipples. Lifting her skirt, he finds she’s packing a gorgeous pussy – and no panties whatsoever. Delighted, he scooches her further down on the counter for easier access, and devours her unshaved cunt. Tonguing her clit expertly, he has her moaning in no time, smiling as she murmurs “oh my god” in rising arousal. They banter and tease – and check in for consent – as they continue to turn each other on and drive each other crazy. Dante uses his hand as well as his mouth and elicits a delicious “fuck yeah” from Siri. Her high-heeled boots rising further and further in the air, he gets her closer and closer to orgasm until she helplessly comes, crying out “oh my god” – only for him to keep going, drawing yet another, even stronger climax out of her, causing her eyes to roll back in her head. Giggly, she admits “I’m a gusher” – he returns, cheekily, “thank-you.” Showering compliments on each other, Siri invites Dante slyly to “take a seat, sir”, and allow her to take the oral-sex reigns. Kissing her way down his muscular torso, she undoes his jeans, and finds him standing at erect attention. He can’t help but reach down, to cup her throat and kiss her deeply, before she takes him into her mouth, bobbing on his hard cock enthusiastically. Checking in with him, she starts playing with his balls, caressing his body, and stroking his shaft, using her hands and mouth to full potential. It’s now Dante’s turn to throw his head back and moan an “oh my god”, and acknowledge Siri’s exquisite blow-job skills. She giggles in delight as she sees him lose himself in her oral ministrations, before she comes up for air and more kisses, her full ass on gorgeous display. Both in agreement that it’s time to take it to another level, she bends over and wiggles her butt in blatant, cheeky invitation for him to fuck her – as Dante hurries to peel off his shoes and socks. Finally ready, he comes closer to Siri, who’s leaning over the bathroom counter, hot, slick, wet and more than ready. But before he penetrates her, he impulsively dives into her gorgeous ass face-first, enthusiastically delivering some expert analingus as she strokes his hard cock and moans helplessly. Her whimpers get more and more intense, and she gasps in shock that “you might actually make me come just from eating out my ass”… before she shudders and climaxes, hard. Finally ready to give her what she wants so badly, Dante enters her from behind, fucking her steadily in modified doggy-style. Taking a brief moment to rescue Siri from her high heels, they continue fucking against the bathroom counter, making her ass quiver deliciously. Dante steals a few glances in the mirror – I mean, wouldn’t you? – as Siri moans and gasps her way to her third or fourth orgasm of the session. Punctuating the climax with some kisses, Dante moves her and has her sit on the countertop, so they can face each other as they fuck. Siri licks her hand to rub her own clit, and Dante thrusts deeply into her, his muscular ass showing his strength and stamina. They gaze intently into each other’s eyes and Siri comes yet again, shuddering on Dante’s cock. Insatiable, and ready for even more, Siri lifts one leg and strums her own pussy like a beautiful instrument as Dante fucks her, giving her exactly what she wants and needs. Laughing in surprised delight, they kiss again, enjoying each other with mutual appreciation and without a trace of self-consciousness, before they go in for yet ANOTHER time. Orgasm number – eight? Nine? – taken care of, Siri gets down on her knees and shows her profound appreciation for Dante’s presence, care, and physical prowess… But he quickly pulls her up and bends her over the countertop for one last fuck. Meeting her eyes in the mirror as she’s moaning in pleasure, Dante asks her “Can I come inside?” and she cries out an eager “Yes”… So he finally shudders and climaxes, ejaculating inside her welcoming cunt. She moans “that feels sooo good”, and he kisses her back and grins gently. Coming back to earth, together, after their considerable sexual adventures, they’re all giggles and kisses, laughing at their shared naughtiness, and regretting absolutely nothing. With a new appreciation for the possibilities of parties, these two wallflowers leave with a new lease on life – after all, who ever would have thought a Saturday night could lead to so much actual fun?