Disco Made Me Do It

Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 25.34

Performers : Jiz Lee, Sami Price, Dadi Iris


An exclusive underground club gets hot and hallucinogenic, with this queer three-way tangle of enthusiastic consent, safe casual sex and switchy power positions. Jiz Lee, Sami Price and Dadi Iris come together in electric attraction on the dancefloor, before coming all over each other in a backroom ménage-a-trois. Destabilize your senses, and embrace the non-binary, as we watch the threesome turn each other on in a heated public make-out session, as other voyeurs casually pass-by. After a gentle manual warmup of Prica’s ass, Jiz Lee unzips their play bag and pulls out their shiny black gloves – ready to go deeper on Sami Prica, as they eat out Dadi Iris’ queer femme pussy. Dadi Iris writhes in pleasure as Prica gets fisted deeply, before Iris switches it up and DadiDoms them in turn. More lube and a second glove come out, and more underwear drops, as Jiz Lee double fists their two bottoms, who make out blissfully as they get their holes filled and stretched. Dadi rubs her own clit furiously, whilst getting worked over by her partners, until she comes to a shuddering orgasm on Jizz Lee’s hand. Then the top becomes the bottom as Jizz Lee switches, pinned down on their back by their two lovers. Dadi kisses them, with a hand around their throat, whilst Prica pulls out a dental dam and their own black glove to lavish attention on Jiz Lee’s cunt, both orally and manually. Lee comes hard, rubbing their own clit, before going in for more and squirting all over Prica’s glistening hand. Now deliciously sticky and wet, all three collapse into a loving heap, totally exhausted by their night of disco.