Directed by : Inka Winter

Runtime : 37:16

Performers : Kira Noir, Davin Strong


A high-fantasy erotic film with an undercurrent of suspense, Devotion sees the divine becoming flesh.

The ferociously muscled and masculine Davin Strong is praying at a forest altar, when the Goddess he’s paying homage to materializes before his eyes. Kira Noir is regal and impossibly majestic in her pagan power, dripping with gold and sensuality. Even the hyper-masculine warrior before her is completely unmoored by his own desire, submitting utterly to her allure. Succumbing to her potency, he kisses her reverently, as if in a dream. She guides his prayerful hands to the nexus between her legs, the fount of her divinity.

Laying back she invites him to drink at her source – he kneels and licks up the taste of her skin, then kisses and sucks on her perfect toes. He travels the goddess’ body, suckling every part, running his tongue in circles around her dark nipple. Lowering his head to her cunt, he breathes her in and then starts to lick and suck at the heady liquor dripping from the cleft between her legs. The goddess cries out, pleased with her worshipper, and rubs his head in pleasure and approval. He fingers her as he tongues her clit, stimulating her g-spot from within as he moans in ecstatic worship. She writhes in pleasure at his ministrations, crying out in encouragement. Responding to her exhortations, the warrior-worshipper continues, steady, grateful to get to taste her as she begs for more. His tongue and lips cause her to arch her back in climax, and she laughs, ready for more.

Bestowing an approving kiss upon her acolyte of sensuality, she demands more proof of his willingness to serve. Keeping him bent over on hands and knees, and displaying his muscles to full effect, she examines his most private and vulnerable area – the puckered anus between his warrior’s muscled ass cheeks. She drinks in his cleft, the taut strength under exposed skin. Reaching in a questing finger, she probes him, testing his submission and his trust. Kissing his skin, she feels for his prostate, spearing him on her hand, reveling in his vulnerability. Feeling him clench in pleasure around her finger, she drops some saliva onto her hand and keeps fingering his asshole. Hungry for more, she enjoys her power over him, and adds another finger to the anal fingering. He rocks back against her hand, moaning in pleasure.

Once she judges his readiness, she lifts the gift he’d laid at her altar just moments before – a glass phallus, enormous and rigid and veined… just as the goddess demands. Requiring his total submission and trust, she starts to insert the glass dildo into him, gently sinking its full length into her warrior-minion’s ass. She thrusts against him, pegging him with absolute control. She rides him with her crystalline cock, feeling him helpless below her divine hands and spasming around her glass instrument. Totally overcome, he collapses on the forest moss, and she continues to play with him, according to her whims.

Penetrating him once more from below, she kisses him and makes him groan as she teases his nipples. He’s defenseless against her as she puts her mouth to his cock, sucking him and drawing him once more to hardness as she keeps penetrating his anus at will. She suckles on his ballsack, delighting in his shuddering groans.

Laying atop him, she continues relentlessly, plying his tattooed strength with a surfeit of pleasure. Finally putting her toy aside, she uses all her tools to encourage him to greater hardness. She performs fellatio on him, stroking his cock with her hands, until he’s sufficiently erect for her divine needs. Then she straddles him, swallowing his cock with her body. Bouncing on his prone body, she takes what she wants and needs, inhaling his sexual energy as she rides his all-too-human flesh. He gasps and uses his strength to hold her up as she cries out in climax, and she kisses him as a reward.

But goddesses are not easily sated – she grinds against him again, riding him and moving sinuously above his body, hungry to take him in. With a giggle, she invites him to switch positions into missionary – an appropriate position if there ever was one. Given free reign to show her his ardor, he thrusts into her, pistoning his cock into her sexual center. He thrusts deep and steady, at her command, and she lies back in ecstasy. She holds him in her arms as he fucks her, just the way she wants.

They rock in sexual synchrony, bringing her to greater and greater heights, and one last climax. Then they drink each other in, the devotee and the divinity, and come back to earth, holding each other until the precious moment ends.